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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How To Unblock Your Friend On Facebook?

Hi Friends,as we know that blocking someone on facebook is quite easy but finding a way to unblock is hard,you think it ..!!But It really isn't..!!

                                             So we are gonna talk about that how to unblock some one on facebook..?
I have publish this post with the images attachment so you guys will find it easy to understand and act upon it..!!

1-Consider the following points:-
1-First go to Facebook sign in using your email address on which you want to unblock someone.

2-Now Click on account and then privacy setting as shown in the given figure below:

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 2- Now open this application as shown in given figure,It will just appear on the page you are now at..!:

3-The  last and main step:-
                                Now as you reached the page which you were finding difficulty to search and unblock your friend.
                   Now block and unblock the friends of your desire and be happy..

Video of how to unblock facebook friend is given next:

If video is not showing up then click on this and see the video,Thanks

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