How To Submit a link on Reddit again and again?

Welcome guys today our this topic is going to be discussed and this is indeed an important trick that every one wants to to do that "how to submit your website on reddit again and again by getting banned,by not being detected and increase their website traffic and derive millions/thousands of people to your website in order to promote your website,this will happen if you learn the trick of how to sumbit your blog on reddit again ??

So,Just follow the following instructions and you will find simple and clean method to get through these hurdles and fences so let's start.

as reddit detect us by our ip address so we are gonna change our ip address..!!

First trick:-
                 Go To Google and search for Easy Hide Ip after downloading it hide ip and again open up your browser Firefox or Opera,
Note:-Delete all history before changing ip address and open your browser after hiding your privacy..!!

Now go to reddit sign up and submit your link and derive traffic :) 


Second Trick:- 
                           Uninstall Firefox or any other browser completely and install it again after rebooting your PC (Personal Computer)
Open up your new installed browser again and enjoy promoting your website on

Third Trick:-
               If you are tired of being using these two steps then the third and most reliable but indeed very hard trick is to edit your own reddit cookie

Go to Google and search for edit cookie for firefox and install it,restart your browser and start editing your cookies
Go to google again and search for first time Reddit cookie,copy cookies from the search and paste it on the editing script in order to advertise your website/blog or company..

Thanks For your interest and reading this post..:) 



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