How to hack Justin Bieber's Youtube Account

Justin Bieber is an famous artist,becoming legend in a small age by breaking records of Youtube and Michael Jackson.His Baby song become the most viewed and disliked video on youtube and he made record by stunning millions of people in Madison Square Garden.His Movie"Never Say Never"achieved many Oscars Award.He is world-wide famous and many more that I can't describe in this post.!

So,Our topic was Justin Bieber youtube Hacking by a simple trick,you can also take a look on this video,If you don't understand the post.
Justin Biebr hacking youtube video

Ok,Now follow the following steps to hack Justin Bieber VEVO

1-First,You must have google chrome on Personal computer to proceed this trick..!

2-After getting Google Chrome,open Youtube and Go to Justin Bieber VEVO and start hacking by the help of next steps.!!

3-Highlight the the thing which you want to hack and right click on your mouse and choose "Inspect Element"now double-click on the thing you want to change..!

4-Now,Write the descriptions of your desire and left click on the screen.!!

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5-Now,enjoy doing this on Justin Bieber and have fuN,

Please also watch the video I mentioned above,to understand more..!!


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