how much does an electron microscope cost in Pakistani rupees?

Today We are gonna talk about electron microscope which are generally used in laboraties and hospitals to observe small and tiny creatures like Bacteria,but still electrons are so small that even EM cannot be able to see its size,diameter,circumference and shape..!!
                                  Electron Microscope is a great over-folding over Light Microscope..!!
Generally Biologists uses two types of electron microscope
1-Scanning Electron Microscope           2-Transimission Electron Microscope

So getting on Today's topic that people are getting trouble converting USD to Pakistani Rupees,so we are gonna learn about it..
JEM-2011 Price $120,000 (USD)

In Pakistani Rupees it must be  

11520000.0000 Pakistani rupees.

It is the most accurated value gained.

There are many other models of Electron Microscope costs vary from 7000$ far away.The above one was the expensive most.......!!!



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