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Friday, September 21, 2012

How to Open banned Youtube In Pakistan,Afghanistan,Iran and all Islamic Countries..!!

Welcome To This Blog,In this post we are gonna talk about that how to unblock Youtube in Islamic Countries which was banned due to disrespect of our beloved Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H)..!!
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So,You friends just follow the following steps..!!

1-First open up your browser..!!

2-Go to google and enter Hotspot Free download and save it to your computer..!!

3-Now,The next step is to run and connect it,It will change your ip address and is going to hide your privacy and will run in every Browser..!!

Second Trick:

1-Simply Go To Online service providing proxy based website which enables us to surf annonymously on internet without giving our own real identity and by using a new ip address which termed as internet protcol,website is hidemyass

2-After hitting this address on other window try searching for the area which may appear on front page or home page,simply type youtube in that area and you are done,surf unlimited on one computer.

Make sure that this is gonna help you in playing youtube videos but in signing in to youtube account or to upload any video you aimed of.


  1. please remove gastakhana film and open youtube

  2. we request from google please remove or block gastakhna film against islam and open youtube

  3. thanks i really need it for my blog

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  5. Please (PTA) ko kho ke gustakh movie remove kro and open youtube please please

  6. Please unblock youtube!

    fuck these pagan people...

    I say Allah destroy them with this fucking movie that they have made... please do something unblock youtube!!!!

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