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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How To Hack Facebook Friend's Profile

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Facebook is a site which has been no.1 Ranking In Alexa from many years.Most visitors of Facebook are from Country Named"Pakistan".It attracts People to register cause it has thousands of mind-freaking and excellent   features.

You must have Google Chrome to Hack.

And It's always been an interesting thing to hack profiles of your friends and anyone you don't know..!!

So,I am gonna teach you that "How to Hack"?

You just have to act upon the following easy steps which will help you in hacking your Friends :P :-

1-Open your Facebook account by singing in.

2-Go to your friend account 

3-Next step,is to hack 

4-So,Highlight the thing you want to change,I mean you can change every comment 

5-First Highlight (to copy) and right click and click on inspect element

6-Now You will see the data which you want to change

7-Change it,and feel free to right anything

8-And,Left Click on the screen.!

9-Now,you have hacked your friend.!!

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  1. yaar wo comments change zror ho jata hy lakin phr refresh par wohi old ho jata hy....permanent wohi comnt rhe na ????

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