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Friday, April 26, 2013

How to associate your blog with an existing adsense account?

Hi,guys today we are going to learn about that how to link your blog to your existing adsense account 2013 by simple method.Many blogist facing this problems and yet ultimately they can't find the right solution

Following are steps which you have to do carefully:-

1-First Go to

2-Sign in and go to earnings

3-From there click on "Switch adsense account."

4-Choose different adsense account

5-From there,click on Yes proceed to sign in
6-From there,first sign out
7-Now sign in using your existing adsense account for ads
8-Now you will be redirected to this page,accept the agreement,select the language and click on association.

9-From there you will be redirected to blogger and click on "here"

10-Automatically you will be signed out,sign in to blogger again and you will see:

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  2. OOOOOOOH finally i got it thanks

  3. cents, but nowhere does the agreement list any minimum click payment. In fact, click here

  4. Thank you so much now i can Increase RPM in Adsense by this U are awesome

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