6 Steps To Make Your Torrents Speed Faster

Today's Topic is how to To make torrent faster,I mean How To increase download speed of torrents file??

so,follow the following instructions to have a reliable downloading..! :)

1-Choosing the Right Torrent:-
                                         It is an important step to choose a good client for your computer,update your utorrent or bitorent,whenever update option is occuring,keep your torrents upto date to get up to date speed, Search On Google as"latest torrent"then you are going to get latest one to get more speed for your downloads as you are accepting,no matter how slow your LAN or connection is.The more you update,the more you get speed..!!Don't be confused about your internet connection speed.

2-Add windows Firewall exception:-
                                          Go to your torrent preferences and check this box which is on image"Add windows Firewall exception,This is also going to help for increasing speed, and will checkout whether the file contains any kind of virus or malware that will become harmful for your computer and a cause of tension to you..!!

3-Go To Advanced Setting's :-
                                Again go to preferences and go to advanced option and find " Net.max_halfopen" and set the value to" 80"

3-Changing Protocol Encryption:- 

 In preferences go to BitTorrent and you will see "Protocol Encryption" Outgoing make this enabled from disabled..!!

 4-Changing Global Maximum number of connections:-


 In Preferences GO to Bandwidth and make global connection to130,It will help you increasing your speed..!!

5-Some Setting For Queueing:-

Go To preferences and then go to queues and change the following settings:-
Assign Active Torrent Number's to 5

6-Now Go TO Advanced Again and Make the Following Changing:-
Switch 'bt.allow_same_ip' to true.
Switch 'dht.rate' to 2.
Switch 'rss.update_interval' to 20.


                                 After Doing All Steps Go To Torrent Again And Download any file you will find a better,faster,reliable and satisfied speed as compared to before,Thanks for visiting our blog..! Thanks :)

Video of 6 steps to make torrent speed faster:-

If video is not showing up then click on this and see the video..!!Thanks..