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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to get your suspended youtube account back easily?

First,we will talk about Youtube.Youtube is the world most popular site for videos.Where All types of video can be found.It doesn't matter what kind of video is it..!!!You get millions of views daily.Many People have youtube account and they upload videos for different purposes.My purpose was to earn money from Youtube by monetizing my ads on my video.I was reached about 30 videos when My account was suspended because of copyright content.Mostly when you hit three copyright strikes.I was very disappointed by Youtube reaction  and cried over my youtube account because it means to me.Every time I sign in this I was redirected to this page..!!

OK,you can get your account by the help of this page.Please open this page and follow the instruction given below 

1-Click on "If you believe your access to this product was suspended in error,contact us"

2-After clicking on contact us,give the email address which you used to sign in which you can't access now,click submit.!

3-Now,you will redirected to the next page and tell them your problem and give a meaningful explanation

4-Then,after reviewing your problem,they will give your account back to You.

Thanks for reading.!

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