How to make your disapproved adsense account approved?

Adsense has become popular and spread world-wide because of his advantages and uses.It's first and main advantage is to maximize your earning by monetizing your adsense ads to your blog or website.And It is also use for advertising.It's an circle which can never stop.It's giving profit to himself,us and the one who advertises.!

So,Today I gonna talk about that"Is there any way to make your disapproved account approved"?
Feeling very sorry to say that You are not able to approved your disapproved account,Once your account become disapprove then their is no way to get it back.

Causes of Disapproved account:-
1-The one and main reason is posting copyright content on your blog on website.Copyright content is define as "Copy data from other sites and paste it on your blog or website"It's an irregular activity,Blogger and adsense is extremely against this activity.They don't feel sorry for disapproving your adsense account.

2-And the other reason is to click on your own adsense ads,It's an crime to click your own adsense ads,You can only earn by the clicks from others,if you will try to click your own ads then you will see a disapproved notification after few hours.!

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  1. Kindly tell me how to approve my Disapproved adsense acount...........

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  3. What this says is that you (the publisher) are responsible for everything on your site/blog. click here

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