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Friday, May 31, 2013

How To Open Youtube In Pakistan 2013?

How to unblock banned youtube in Pakistan is quite easy and fun.It's easy to learn and fun to practice.It's not as tough as other tricks and tips are.In Pakistan Youtube was blocked due disrespect of Holy Prophet which is quite annoying and disturbing for Muslims all around the world and region.Being an Muslim It's difficult to face such disrespect.Well Todays our topic is about how to unblock banned youtube in pakistan for free?

1-Go To Need Unblock
2-This website is proxy based,it changes your country location and make it easy to surf world-wide web including all banned website for free.
3-All you have to do is to put in very top bottom address option and hit enter
4-Now enjoy the feature of surfing annoymously on Youtube and many other websites which you like to open.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

How To Convert Flash Into RAM For Better Performance?

Converting USB flash in to RAM has been attracted millions people attraction because of it's awesome fact that converting flash into RAM will dedicate all the space into RAM which boost up the whole computer as well as your games and Internet speed.Unfortunately,few networking think to tell people about the mind-blowing feature of windows 7 as well as other which was launched by world-wide accepted company known as "Microsoft" built by world richest man Bill Gates.

Well,let me take you to the point ya.!
It's simple as hell and fun to practice after learning.

1-Plug any flash with free space of approximately 2 GB.
2-Now Go to your computer at the top right corner of front page known as desktop.If you don't see icon there,then try clicking on Start Menu and from there open my computer.
3-Now All you have to do is to go properties of Flash which you have plugged in recently in your computer slot.
4-From there,click on ready boost and now notice the image given below:

5-After clicking ready boost and click on "Use This Device" and dedicate the memory you want to drive it to flash for higher and reliable speed and performance instantly right after the configuration cache process occur immediately after you click on apply.


The speed which has converted into RAM will  be work exactly after you click on apply.But this is not gonna show on your my computer properties.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

GTA IV Highly Compressed Free PC Game Full Version

Grand Theft Auto Usually shortened as GTA Iv was launched in 2008 which enhance the visibility and popularity of  Rockstar Game.As well as earning Millions $ by this mind freaking game with highly recommended graphics and features.First it was released only on consoles XBOX 360 and Playstation 3,later on it was released on PC.It is high definition game with thousands of cheat which increases the entertainment of GTA IV.This game is dedicated to Nico,an victim in the war of Eastern Europe,he migrated to USA and got entangled in fights,gangs and bullies.
                                            After all this game was not released in one form,rather it was come in the form of many episodes which make it so popular among all the gamer's in the world.It has also great vast of application in online playing games.Different people play this game online to see more and more features.Many people are most likely to search this game on Google,yet it has millions of followers from all around the world.It breaks all the existing record ever recorded by hitting 3.6 million sale units which was difficult enough but Rockstar Game made that.On his first 7 days,it broke record by selling 6 millions units all around the world.Mostly were Americans,but all were not.
                                                     Gta Iv won various prizes for his features and record breaking history.Yet it is not wrong to say that it is also included in world best games because of his awesome graphics and thousands functions.
                                               Without Online,it's single player game,double player at the same time can not play and run GTA IV.It requires only one Handle Remote.

Minimum System Requirements:

Cpu:Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 Ghz,AMD Athlon X2 64 2.4 Ghz.

Cpu Speed: 1.8 Ghz

Ram:1 GB for windows XP/1.5 GB for windows Vista

OS:Windows Vista-Service Pack 1/XP-Service Pack 3/Windows 7

Video Card: 256 MB NVIDIA 7900+/256MB ATI X1900+

Sound Card: Yes

Free Disk Space: 16 GB

Highly Recommended System Requirement :

Cpu: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4 Ghz,AMD Phenom X3 2.1 Ghz

Cpu Speed:2.4 Ghz

RAM: 2GB for Windows XP/2.5 GB for Vista

OS:Windows XP-Service Pack 3/Windows Vista-Service Pack 1/Windows 7

Sound CARD:yes

Free Disk Space:18 GB

You can download this game using Utorrent.If you don't have one download Utorrent and download the link from Mediafire


Friday, May 17, 2013

Real Hide Ip 4.1 Full Crack

Real hide Ip is software which helps us to hide our identity to surf securely on internet and also for the purposes of many other users from newbie to professional.Real Hide Ip is small data stored software which helps us to hide our country by changing our proxy to some other country.This is very useful,it has many benefits.Though we cannot get the speed as it was in direct connection.Although you can open websites which was blocked in your country or also for the purpose of many other reasons.


1-Hide Identity
2-Surf Securely
3-Be anonymous 
4-Experience better web speed
5-Change Ip after every 1 min
6-Change Ip upto 50 countries
7-Use it on different web browser
8-Use it anytime,anywhere for any reason.


The major defect of all hiding software is speed,user cannot experience speed as they face on direct connection which is their local ip address.Because the IP address which use to turn our identity is coming from website server and proxy-list.It takes data to transfer data from local website to our server.That's why people faces low speed.Which is the great problem.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blog For Newbies & Low

Blogger is centralizes blog-publishing service which allows private or company to share data 

with with other people all around the world.It enables computer to share and receive and is 

also known as Networking.It was first developed by Lyra Labs,which was purchased by 

by Google.

Creating a blog is nothing,but creating unique blog is something which has ability to draws 

millions of visitors towards itself.This ability is not coming until you want.The Fact is that 

everyone want but few of them work hard and achieve the goal which they always aimed of.

These are called real bloggers.

Blog For Newbies and Low:

Don't be nervous and confused.Every well-known and famous blogger was a newbie at his

beginning of career.Let's take a look on blog.What actually a blog is?

1-Blog is a page with text and picture which provides authentic information to readers.

There are billions of blog in internet world.Some of them are well-developed while 

some of them are copyrighted.

It's easy to owe a blog,but it's difficult to run it.Don't that difficult.Why you are called newbie 

and low?Because you are inexperience for this career.Everyone is a newbie at some time in 

his life.You are not the first.

Before Getting Start,think.?:

Every blogger supposed to think what kind of blog should they create?It's an utmost 

essential part of blogging.Suppose you are master of cooking,then start creating

a blog according to your profession.Don't try to become supernatural or supersonic.

Google Analytic revealed that people who create blog other than their profession are most 

likely to get failure result,because of insufficient knowledge and lack of proper consulting.

I recommend you to create a blog related to your profession & be a consultant and adviser.

Benefits Of Blog:

1-Spreading your business or personal software's or other stuff.

2-Get Increase in your knowledge

3-Becoming an expert.

4-Becoming consultant

5-Gaining confidence to communicate with other people.

6-Creating a community around you.

7-Becoming an observer

8-Getting "Blogger" Title.


Mostly people are not interested in above benefits rather they want one thing that is $.It is 

only possible if and if your daily visitors reach about 1000 visitors daily.Then you are going 

to get money from your Adsense account associated with your blog which is quite easy and 

reliable.If someone says that getting revenue online is impossible and spam.Then it is wrong.

Don't believe that.You can get answer from this post

Why Am I creating Long Posts?

Why Am I having Blog?

Why Am I devoting my time on Blog?

Why Am I interesting in having a domain?

Is this spam,then it means that billions of people getting online revenue from blog is spam,that sounds funny,Doesn't it.

Demerits of Blog and Their Solution:

Though aside from benefits,they are several demerits,but I'm going to give you a quite easy 

solution for that,which might help you in getting a long-term blog revenue

These are the common Problems:

1-I don't want to give my majority of time on blog

Try to adopt it as profession.Be happy with blog.Imagine of that time when you will get your first dollars.

2-My eye sight is loosing:
Set your computer or laptop o power safe mode,So that will not effect .

3-My concentration to studies are getting lower:
Try to create a schedule.Manage your timing's.

How Will we get paid  through?

Adsense is Google controlled program which enables you to receive,draw and send money online.It requires no credit card,Paypal or Payza account.It is created once you owe a website or blog which has good traffic rank by Alexa.

Monday, May 13, 2013

5 Tips To Give Magnetic Touch To Your Post Title?

Creating a blog is nothing,but creating qualified & capable blog is something rare.Bloggin

industry means meaningful to various people in the world.I know you must be confused

now,but you will not be confused when leaving out of this blog,if you really concentrate and 

read what I am talking about.If you like blogging then keep blogging,blogging does not have 

age restriction.After all it's a passionate profession.It attracts world.

Creating a post with awesome content means nothing,if you don't give a suitable title to the 

post.We will discuss about magnificent points which give will enhance your self creating skills,

so you might create and think about the title before you post.

1-Keep it short and Clean:

Always try to keep your post title clean and short.Don't take it too long and always take it too

short.Let's think?Suppose if you are ready to write post about something.Think if you were 

reader then what kinds of keywords will you type on Google.What makes you think about 

that keyword.Don't try to confuse yourself.The more you love this profession the better 

post you will create.

Let's take title example:-

I have a orchard,I filmed my orchard and now it's time to make post about it or video.Now it's time to decide to take title.I think about two titles

1-Simple Overview of my Orchard

2-Simple Overview of my Orchard which has rose,sunflowers,pupil and many other stuff.

Which will get more visitors?

What title for people will search?

Think about it yourself.

2-Use Simple Words:-

Never try to use words which are unique and people don't know about that words.Try using 

words which are most likely to searched by readers.Early in history,it was think that blogger

who titled their post with difficult and rare words are supposed to get more visitors.But 

Later on this theory was neglected by analytic's issued by Google Staff.

Let's take an example

I created a blog post about blogging tips and now it's time to make a title:

1-Basic Blogging Tips For Beginners 

2-Central Blogging points for newbies and low

What is more rare?
For which one people will search mostly?
Which one will make you a better blogger?
What will be the better post?

Of course no.1 is more better.Because people search for it more.But it's not good in some 
case.I am going to tell you in what case in step 3.?

3-Be a searcher before Blogger:-

Do a valuable search on Google about the post.See what others are posting about your 
theory.What are other titles for that post?What is central Idea for your post?Which keywords are more used?

See in step 2,I have mentioned that no.1 is more worthy,but it does not in some cases.

For example:If you type Basic Blogging Tips in Google Search,you will find billions of links driving at other websites:

I know it's simple but it used by billions of people.

I recommend Basic Blogging Tips For Newbies & Low.!Which is more worthy and rare.

Doesn't it?

4-Use Tools for Keywords:-

You can simply use tools for keywords which are more worthy and get more readers by tools 

about keyword tools which makes it simple and clean.You don't have to work for that.

Download any tool type your words and see how unique your words are.

Or you can clearly use Google Adword for keyword search and their importance among 

people.This step will give you some mind  pleasure.Right?

5-Use numbers instead of words:-

Numbers are more better than words.Google analytic search shows that people who use 

number in their post title achieve more traffic and importance & supposed to put them 

on front page.


You are going to make a post about "Tea making".You must think about numbers instead of words
See how?

1-How To Make Tea?

2-7 Tips to Make Tea?

No.2 is more better and worthy.Google put them on better search engines & THEY are 

supposed to Get Better Visitors.

Tips & Warnings:

1-Read This Step Daily,again and again try to fix them in your mind.

2-Don't be upset .I was also like some months ago

"Practice makes a man Perfect".

3-Try picking each step each day,otherwise they will be mixed.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

20 Common Problems That Every Blogger Should Avoid?

Creating a successful blog enables you to become more authentic and informative about world and you can owe more than one blog.As we know that,blogger industry is ever-growing.If you like blogging then do,it does not matter how old are you and what do you do.?I'm here to inform you about common problems that every blogger should avoid:-

1-Error in Blogging Schedule:-

The utmost mistake ever done by a blogger is not having a proper and clean blogging schedule.Blogger must make their schedule for the posts.Choose a frequency for you blog.My blogging schedule is 3 times a week i.e Tuesday,Saturday and Sunday.


Never use music Playback,which means many readers become compelled to listen to songs while reading blogs.It annoys them.Early in history,it was custom that every blogger apply music on their blog,so that every reader had to listen to them.But These kinds of blog did not get fame as compared to one who has no music.
It is my self experienced that music annoys reader,they spend less time on your blog and do not give full output,which you always dreamed of.

3-If You want then other let other play:-

But if you are really interested in playing music,then put a option of let other play.Everytime when a reader will approach your blog,He/She will see option of music.If readers really like to listen then they will play otherwise they won't play.That's quite simple.Doesn't it?

4-Niche Error:-

Take a topic and only write about it.Don't try to cover another area.What is Niche Error?It means that you created a blog for blogging tips and you are posting articles about dog,then this is absolutely wrong and leading common problem.Every blogger should be attentive to their niche.
First think,for what stuff you are going to write about and which branch you are going to cover?
This is main step and common problem.So give time to this Niche.

5-Less Knowledge Update:-

It is duty of every blogger to read 10 to 15 posts about the article they are about to write,otherwise their post will not up to date,which decreases the confidence of your readers for you.Your blog faces crises.It's is one of the biggest blunder that every blogger should avoid.

6-Avoid Banner's:-

 Be aware of defects of banner which you put on your blog.Putting banners make your blog very unprofessional and bad looking.apart,if you are really interested about putting bans,then put them on "about me" page.

7-"About me" Page:-

If we talk about "about me"page.Then I must say it is very common mistake."About me" is a strong page which let other's know about you.The more people read "about me"page.The better chance it becomes to become more popular."About me" page let other's to read about your favorite pages and bio-data.

8-Avoid Copyrighted content:-

If you find some authentic information on some other's blog.Then make a post related to it,But avoid copying content from other's blog and paste it on your own blog.Blogger and Google both are strictly against about content.Bloggers get not benefits and features of real-time blogging.They can not run such a blog which is full by waster materials.It is useless to think that you are going to deceive Google & Blogger.

11-Dmoz and Yahoo Mistake:-

Bloggers only submit their website to Google which is a leading Search Engines for many years,but they forget to submit their website to Dmoz and Yahoo which also proves to be the great source of traffic to your blog.Google does not put your blog on other websites.It is worst thinking.Don't even think about it,post your blog on others blog.Let other's know about your blog.You can do a Google Search to submit your blog to various search engines.You can simply use PiNgMyUrl.It helps you to submit your blog to more than 1500 search engines.

12-Keywords Mistake:-

Give keyword search by tools which help you to know that what other's are typing about,what other's are willing to read?then make a post about it. Try using tool at SeOmoZ.They are best for selecting keywords for you site.

13-Color Scheme:-

Choose a good color scheme for your blog.You should pick a better color scheme.Don't ever use black theme with white titles.It is very harassing.Reader's will have headache after visiting your blog.Design the gadget around your blog.

14-Avoid Long Pages:-

Never make your posts longer.When a reader approaches your blog.Before reading,reader scroll down to check the length.If it really very long,then reader will skip it altogether and you gain nothing.

15-Spelling and Grammatical Problems:-

Blogger do not pay attention to spelling and grammatical problems,because they do not know the importance of this.Google usually put anti-grammatically and spelling posts on front page of Google.
                   Post with spellings and grammatically problems do not ever get a chance to appear on front page of Google.So,Spelling and grammatically problems do play a major role.

16-Networking with other Blog's:-

My self suggestion is to be inn contact with other bloggers.Do not focus only on creativity and creation.Be Everywhere.The best way of blog networking is commenting on other's blog and leave a link back your blog.

17-Avoid Versions:-

Bloggers make a post about stuff like"IDM Highly Compressed Free Download".It is their utmost duty to give only one link to IDM download.Don't be over-clever,never put download links more than 1.
Suppose you make a post"IDM 6.15 Highly Compressed Free Download".But when a reader comes,he watches "IDM 6.12" "IDM 5.15" download links also.It confuses the reader and they skip your blog.

18-Text Navigation:-

Use Text navigation.It is smooth and reliable and supposed to get more chances of better results.

19-Avoid Pictures:-

Try using text only,because it has better chance to get get more traffic then those who upload pictures.For Instance,many people turned off images option while surfing internet.

20-Avoid Gadgets:-

Gadgets make your blog so unprofessional and odd.People like to skip such blogs because of harassing stuff.
                       Gadgets also fails you to get more traffic.The more gadgets you put,the less chance it becomes to get more visitors.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

3 Effective Tips For Blogger To Be Victorious?

Blogging is more than just fun now.It is now become question of life and death for majority of bloggers.People like to create more than one blog.Blog industry is very common nowadays.Every newbies and low owe a blog,but that does not mean,they are victorious and successful,But creating a professional blog with authentic information and content mean something important.
                                     People which are most likely to post articles on blog without any authentic information faces financial problems and defame.They become stag instead of blogger.
           So,Today we will discuss about 5 magnificent and effective tips and techniques to improve your blog visibility and better chance to get more famous.

1-Do Often Update:

Blogger which do not usually post do not have any chance for better results in search engines and more websites like social networking & Social Bookmarking.Posting daily give you a great opportunity for bringing mass traffic to your blog which really is an effective way to be victorious with blogger.
                              Blogger who are not likely to update often faces problems like lower audience and bad revenue which brings disgrace to their blog and also vanishes the chance of  blog to come on front page of Google.
Updating often attracts Google to know that blog is updating daily,it must have something new and authentic.They consider your blog for months.Everything you do in that period,as a result if they like your activities and the ways by which you promote your blog,then they put your blog into their famous directories.Ultimately your each post will be appear on front page of Google which enough for Blogger
It is my self experience that updating often leads you to better audience and more effective search engines.
"    You Post daily,you gain everything,you post nothing,you gain nothing."

2-Post Better Content:-

Posting better content is essential for blogger as food is essential for human.I will tell you an interesting fact about better content.Better content divert the attention of crowd,so they read your all post and search for rest post,ultimately they visit your all blog.Google notice the time each member spends on your blog.The more time crowd visit,the better chance Google gives a blogger to be successful by putting his content on front page.
Google usually put blog on front page,if the crowd is giving more and more time on blog and only if majority of people become engage to your blog.
This only happen when you have strong content,all self-written and authentic and useful information.I will give you some tips for Better content which are as follows:-

1-Be Authentic

2-Be Clever

3-Be Frank

4-Be Funny

5-Be Consultant

6-Be Adviser 

7-Be Gentle

8-Be General

Try acting on all of them.

3-Be General:-

Try to be general and simple on each and every post.General does not mean villager.It means do not try to be over-clever,over-confident and tricky that puzzles people,so they may ignore your blog.
                   Be General and keep your articles short and clean.Don't take them too long so the reader may get annoy and never come back on your blog again.So try using explanations but pay attention to the length of post.Don't take it too short that reader may not understand you completely.
I recommend you to make post's according to your niche.If your niche really demands you to make longer posts the create,but if they does not,then don't.Niche is not going to really tell you,it is life-less.This question may only rise into your mind and the answer should be your mind.
Okay,Let's take two examples:
Suppose you are going to make article about blogging tips and techniques then you must take it as longer as you want.Because blogging industry is ever-growing.There's no one to ask you about the length.People like to read more and more about blogging tips and techniques.So,never keep them too short.Be a consultant at that time.
Let's take another example:-
Suppose you are going to post about how to make tea?
You may explain this in short,because reader only search for that.Reader does not want to know the origin and history about tea,he only wants to know that how to make tea.So,keep these kinds of post short and clean.Never try to explain more briefly.

CCleaner Highly Compressed Free Download

Ccleaner is a fast software which enables every user to take benefits,freaking and mind blowing features of C cleaner which makes him so reliable and famous.Today I will give you some benefits of C Cleaner by which it becomes very famous and popular.

Why everyone needs CCleaner?

Ccleaner  is a disc waste removing program which deletes all unecessary files and data from your computer and makes your computer back to it's orginal position and speed.Many People use this software to hide their identity and to surf securely.I also use Ccleaner because of it's too many benefits and more functions.Afterall,we can use it free for unlimited session and take work from him anytime or anywhere.


1-Delete all unecessary files from computer.
2-Delete all caches 
3-Delete all cookies.
4-Delete all website stored data
5-Delete all temporary internet files.
6-Delete all stored password,session and your profile.
7-Speed up your computer as compared to before.
8-Increasing your disc storage capacity by deleting harmful files.
9-We can use it for free.
10-It does not harm our personal files and data.


Best ways:Drive Traffic To Website:

Making anything from brand new requires a lot of planning and foresight,it does not matter whether it's a mobile application,a blog,software or other stuff.Creating Blog is nothing,but creating a well-known blog is everything.You are not going to purchase a house,sports car, a hotel by the revenue you get from blogger through adsense,but I must say you are going to fulfil your daily requirements to face society in which you live.

Drive traffic to website

 While Starting to get through these steps you must think that what kind of post should I post?What is more worthy?What is more valuable?In which profession Am I Best?Suppose if you are fond of coin-collecting then make your blog about coin collecting.Don't try to make a blog of blogging tips or tricks if you don't know the right way to explain or if you don't have knowledge which meets the criteria of blogging industry!You must manage your time schedule,decide about your blog content and start working for your blog.

Following points should be kept in mind while acting upon the instructions and tips for your brand new blog:-

1-Never try to pick all steps each day

2-Try picking each step each day for better results

3-Never get bored from blogger.

4-The more easy you take the better chance it become to gain more traffic.



1-Converting your all blog posts to PdF and then upload them to online data sharing websites like DoCStOC and ScRiBD.The more you upload to sharing data website,the better chance it become to gain more highly traffic.But leave a link back to your blog.So People may check your website aftering reading your PDF File.

2-Ezine Articles:

  Ezine article in another proven ways to bring mass visitors to your brand new blog for optimizing your blog on front page.All it need is one article,Post article about 500 words and leave a link within article.Article will take 1 week to go live,after getting reviewed you will see thousands of people coming to your website through ezine,ultimately optimizing your blog for better results.Google also take that blog to front page who has ability to gain and drive traffic from other websites.

3-Post Genuine Content:-

You must post genuine content with strong words and vocabulary.You may have noticed that blogger from America,England,Canada are most likely to get place in front page of Google,Because they have strong language,English is their Home Language,ther are native in English,That's why Google like them to show in front page of Google.On the other hand Asian Countries are less likely to get that rare opportunity because of less expert in that language.They may post in theri own home language.

4-Social Bookmarking:

  You may have heard about Social Bookmarking websites,if did not.then I am going to explain them in short.These are the websites which do not have any content of their own.Whether they are running their website by the content which other post on them.You may have noticed that websites like Reddit,Digg and StumbleUpon have nothing of their own,we are the one who post on them,as a result our blog and their website both become famous and popular without any kind of hard working. 
Submit your wel-known posts to Reddit,Stumble uPoN,DiGg.I recommend you to first use reddit because it drives thousands of people to your website while other generate few traffic.This can also drive traffic to website.

5-One Post Success:

  It is my self experience that only one famous post is required to take your blog to higher level.You should create something creative and attractive to drive attentions of audience.If you have thousands of posts,it drives nothing until you do not have the right title.But If you post a one post with unique title then you are going to be popular.If you only try to post one article different from the other's,that may help you.It can lead you to the blog which you always dreamed of.Try posting large article.Minimum 2500 words for best results or the size of this post.This can drive traffic to website.

6-Go For Search Engines:-

You should post your website to popular search Engines like Google,Yahoo,Bing and Baidu.These are the leading search engines Google is the most famous OR simply try using pingMyuRl to submit your website directly to more than 1600+ websites.
This steps includes your attention and it is very essential part of blog.It is as essential as food is essential for us.It very important.Devote your rare time in this step.

7-Create a Community:-
Create a comunity around you.Give importance to community as you give to your blog.Community give you long-term audience.Create a community on Facebook and Twitter.Held prizes each month and give prizes to winners.Be Funny,creative and interesting.Don't abuse anyone.Be frank and consultant.Be amazing.Don't put anything harassing and annoying that repels the crowd.

8-Syndicate Your Content:-

It is very important and easy to syndicate your content to a great number of networks.This really can boost your visibility and promote your blog to large number of people. Joint TRiBepRO to syndicate your content to various network for better chance of unique traffic.

9-Try Stucking Your Traffic:-

Try stucking your traffic by the content you post.Stucking does not mean that you have hacked your traffic by a software and they can not go out.It doesn't,if you really take this as.
Stucking means attracting,if your content is unique and rare.The client will stay searching your website for several hours.It is the main key to success of your blog.The more you engage,the better it is.It is considerable strategy to drive traffic to your site.

10-Be Consultant:-

  Be a adviser,consultant,funny and frank.Try explaining people with great examples,explaination,clear words,with vidoes and links to other website.Try keeping it short and clean.
                             Be simple to replies.Reply to each questions to your answers.Try making your self bio data on wikipedia so people may read about you on wiki.Keep your each post interesting,use number in post.For example if you are making a post about "how to drive traffic to your blog"?then title it as"65 ways to drive traffic to your blog"? it may increase the chance of more audience.

Following are some other strategies to drive traffic to your site.

11-Be Frank

12-Be Funny

13-Be Interesting

14-Be Amazing

15-Be General

Friday, May 10, 2013

Top 5 Tips-Best Way To Sell Blog Templates?

Welcome each visitor to this blog,Today our topic is about What is best way to sell blog templates,which is also common among number of people and we can also that it is a online business which is feeding millions of people around the world.All this technique requires is your self experience and skills.So I am going to discuss top 5 tips which will help you in selling Blog Templates like Hot Cakes.You have to fully act upon these instructions and steps,if you want to sell blog templates.
Top 5 Tips:-
1-Usually post about Templates:-
                                           You should post on blog about selling templates with demo's.Choose a unique title which may attract people.Usually select title with free word.Never use "for sale" on Title,because people are not interested in buying things rather they look for free templates. 
                                    Suppose you have create 10 templates with demo pictures and preview option.Now it's time for your templates to go live,Then make title something like "Best Blog HTML Templates For Free 2013".Make some of them free,while give price to majority but they must have something in them,that attracts audience and they compelled to buy from your website.Always use reasonable price.After selling template,Also give advice to client about how to use it,what are benefits,what makes it so professional?This may increase the trust of customers,so next time whenever they want to buy templates they will come for your website and will purchase another one.
2-Create A Facebook Fan Page:-
                                 Create a Facebook Fan page about your blogger templates,first get thousands of likes via adword,you just have to buy credits and assign it on your Facebook page,this increase the number of likes on your Facebook Fan Page.Update often,I mean daily about new blog templates,Make some of them free to attract people but some of them should   be given by money.Make some of them really cheap,so majority will buy it.While make some of them expensive ,so that professional blogger are more likely to buy that.
3-Interaction with Social Bookmarking Sites:-
                                                            Submit your blog templates on social bookmarking website which attract audience and increase number of customers to your blog templates.


How Much Does It Cost To Have A Website Built?

Blog is inevitable business,every one knows about blog industry because of it's uses and mind blowing features through which they are famous and world-wide adopted profession.Creating A Blog is nothing,but creating a successful and valuable is something rare.Even a blind can make a blog,but only professional can provide audience,reliability,good look and better content in blog,this is what all blog wants,if you become successful in making these steps in action then it means you have created a blog,which is unique and rare.But many people in this industry does not want to devote time in blogging and also want to bring unique bunch of visitors and smooth affects which attract other people.You can ask to have any kind of website i.e Tricks,Tutorials,E-commerce,Social Bookmarking,Review Website,Support and Introduction to something all of these can be done by cash which you are compelled to give to website desi6gner,the one who assigned your brand new blog to a professional ranking blog.
                                          I will give you a example,I have created a blog of Tricks & Tutorials for a business man which was living in front of my house,he paid me very well,it was quite enough to buy something rare,not big house,Sports Car,but It was quite enough for me to buy my daily requirements.
                                         I said for 3500 $ but I take 2400 $ with concession and I was asked to built website in 15 days which is big money for teenagers to do their life activities.I will tell you that what I was required to do and how I managed myself with that budget.
Web Designing:-
                           Every day I devoted approximately 4 to 5 hours on web designing as well as I was required to post copyright content which should be unique and rare.So I started working and created website successfully,it increased my confidence,as well as respect and importance for me in surrounding which is worthy than money.These steps were done in 15 days which are as follows:-
1-Blog Address and Template designing:-
                                                       As my first day started,I selected blog address according to Tricks & Tutorials,I named that blog as tricks . blog spot . com.Next step was to choose blog template,Dynamic views were quite different and tremendous but I didn't go for that because it does not have ads settings which help in gaining revenue.So,I better searched that on Google about blog templates and put them on edit HTML portion,so these two steps were quite short and did not take much time as the next steps took.
2-Start Posting (at-least 100 posts):-
                                                 I start posting articles which were quite famous and popular among people.I wrote 10 post each day.It was difficult but I had to,because it was my duty, I was meant to do this,So I carried out with this time taking activities by which I was going to paid.Every time I had to think whether which trick & Tutorial should I go For?What is more popular among people living all around the world?I also downloaded search Keywords and got idea by that,which keywords are more worthy.I searched for Google for more details and descriptions about the article I was about to publish.
3-Promoting Website:-
                                     5 days was remaining and It was time to submit my website to different life communities,Social Bookmarking,Social Networking and Driving traffic sources.Which was the utmost essential part for that website.First of all I started submitting each article on Digg,Delicious,and Reddit which was great source to drive people,I also created blog Community,created Lens on various website,posted article on Ezinearticles and leave a back-link while writing article.I converted each post into PDF and uploaded it to data sharing websites like Docstoc and Scribd and leave a back link to my blog.

So,That's how I created a website for man and gained required money.I bought PS 3 ,Sony Camera and Projector.

I was offered many times by different people to design a web,but I didn't because designing other webs give you money faster but only one time.
But if you do same thing and do same content on your own blog,It will give you late but lifetime revenue and visitors.



Why You Should Never Post Bad Pictures On Facebook?

Facebook is Social Bookmarking website which helps people to communicate with each all around the world,it does not matter who are you,Every one uses Facebook for some reason,some use it for communication,some use it for time killing,while others use to promote their blog,websites and You-tube channel etc.These activities are done by men or women.Men are most likely to communicate and for the promotion of their business etc.While women use it for communication as well as for gaining life skills and to know how people are living in different regions of the world.Our Brothers and sister also includes in this circle,so never destroy this circle by posting bad things etc porn stuff.
                                                              Facebook is very cruel in the matter of porn images or videos,because it destroy communication,lose their views,ultimately decrease in their revenue,So Facebook has a good control on such users,they simply block or suspend these users,and they are never supposed to get their account back because of these invalid activities which they perform during their session.
                                                          Facebook is becoming a global village,every one is attracting towards Facebook because of it's mind blowing features and qualities which they offer each Facebook members.
                            When someone regularly post bad pictures on Facebook,then the society faces enormous difficulties, sometime the government may ban Facebook in such area.
                                                     Best Example is when some dishonest men upload videos related to anti-Islam.Many countries Saudi Arabia,Pakistan,Iran,Afghanistan and China blocked and banned Facebook for some months until it was removed by the owner.Now current issue is still running with You-tube,some users make a anti-Islamic movies which was bringing disgrace to their religion,in a result many countries banned you-tube in their region that means you-tube faces financial crises,they are losing billions of viewer each day,as a result their revenue is not up to date as it was before when all world was using.

Imran Khan Wins Election 2013

Imran Khan who is now our Prime Minister for next 5 years has been defeated Noon League and Pakistan Peoples Party which was the dream of our great hero and leader.Imran Khan is very passionate and brave man,he will serves all Pakistan with humble heart and humanity.
                                                        Imran Khan become Prime Minister after the election of 11 May 2013 which was historic elections,both parties Noon League And Justice Movement was quite tough enough to face each other.
                                                            And at the last time,when all hopes seems to be lost,Imran Khan become Prime Minister of Pakistan,which is good for all Pakistan youth as well as elders,poor and children's.All the Pakistan Country is decorated with exhibitions,Fireworks and stuff.Youth is showing their passion for Imran Khan,because it was Youth dream to take Imran Khan as a Prime Minister of Pakistan.
                                                    After all Imran Khan became PM.He was being injured after falling from stage (don't know exactly that someone push him or he fell himself).Anyway,he is our Prime Minister for next 5 Years.Now it's time to create a New Pakistan which every one has always dreamed of.
                                            Imran Khan himself is quite happy and cried at the first movement when he heard about his success and love from his country.He is promising people that he wil bring peace,justice,richness,health,education and will remove dishonesty,corruption,injustice and more stuff.All other Parties and organizations are welcoming Imran Khan.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

How To Fight Against Copyright Strike On Youtube?

If it's Youtube,then I must say that it is the matter of Justice,It does not matter if you are a PM son or Labor son,You must owe right and agreements which youtube imply on you.I will keep it short and sweat.So,our topic is how to fight against Copyright Strike On Youtube,which go away right after 6 months.I am going to discuss about few steps and instructions which may help you in fighting against a Copyright Strike which you received by Youtube Team.
Steps & Instructions:-
1-First step,be attended to Youtube strike,you must owe right of video to fight against,if this video is really duplicate then it's useless to fight against copyright strike.I got one solution for  that is "PATIENCE".If you really owe the rights of Youtube video then follow the upcoming steps and instructions and you must act upon them.
2-See your copyright Video,Never Delete the video which received Copyright Strike from youtube,many users delete that video thinking that deleting video will take away copyright strike from your channel which is a false.Never Delete video.If you delete that video then you can do nothing,you cannot appeal for your video,ultimately result in 6 months difficulty.If your account is new and don't have enough views then create a new one,which is only the option.
3-After making sure 2nd step,go to the area of community guidelines and stuff where you can see your copyright video.
4-Click on appeal and provide the information keeping mind the below instructions
Instructions for step 4:
1-You must owe all the rights for video.
2-It should meet all the agreements.
3-It should be potentially falsiable.
4-It should be general statement.
5-It should be an tentative idea.
6-Explain about your video.
7-Don't say something that you were not known about youtube regulations and community guidelines or you were compelled to upload videos or some other people upload this,It's waste of time and idiotic move.

Youtube will never reject your appeal,if it's ture and proceed shorty,Be Patience and keep uploading more videos.

When Does Youtube Allow To Upload Videos Longer Than 15 Minutes?

Youtube is strongly recommended site which has various unique features,through which it is very famous and world-wide accepted.I will keep this post short and clean.I am not going to take this post longer as other's do.I am just here to explain and give you some tips and instructions to upload videos longer than 15 months,Which is essential part of using Youtube as well as gaining revenue By Adsense-Youtube Program which even a child knows.
           Uploading videos longer than 15 minutes is feature of Youtube,that is not available for beginners and low,but when a person reaches the right amount of subscribers,comments and views then youtube automatically review your account and allow you to use all their feature for better content and best results for you and youtube.
                                             Whenever a person sign up for Youtube partnership,if youtube reviews and accepts partnership application which is reviewed within few days,then your Youtube Channel is available to upload videos longer than 15 months which you are desiring after a mobile verification method which is quite easy,I don't need to explain,you will understand yourself.So the question on your mind must be that "what is youtube partnership" and what is criteria behind this?
Criteria and Youtube Partnership:-
                                         Youtube partnership is first step for your revenue or you can say job,When a person applies for partnership he must meets the requirements which youtube implies on us,These requirements can also be read on youtube by searching on youtube or support google which is a site especially designed for Youtube Tips and solving problems.
                   You must have a great number of  subscribers which 1000 and 10000000 views which is quite enough and valuable to you to sign up,but remember one thing you  must owe the video,you must owe all the right to upload that video,video must be self-created with High Quality Voice System and Hp Result,These kinds of video are more likely to get thousands or may be millions of views,that is enough to meet criteria,
                                                    So from now try starting your work,meet the requirements and upload videos to youtube longer than 15 minutes,it doesn't matter 15 minutes or 10 hours,you don't see number of minutes after getting approved from youtube that you are able to upload longer than 15 minutes,it also does not matter it's HD or simple,
You just owe the right to upload videos longer than 15 minutes.

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