Why You Should Never Post Bad Pictures On Facebook?

Facebook is Social Bookmarking website which helps people to communicate with each all around the world,it does not matter who are you,Every one uses Facebook for some reason,some use it for communication,some use it for time killing,while others use to promote their blog,websites and You-tube channel etc.These activities are done by men or women.Men are most likely to communicate and for the promotion of their business etc.While women use it for communication as well as for gaining life skills and to know how people are living in different regions of the world.Our Brothers and sister also includes in this circle,so never destroy this circle by posting bad things etc porn stuff.
                                                              Facebook is very cruel in the matter of porn images or videos,because it destroy communication,lose their views,ultimately decrease in their revenue,So Facebook has a good control on such users,they simply block or suspend these users,and they are never supposed to get their account back because of these invalid activities which they perform during their session.
                                                          Facebook is becoming a global village,every one is attracting towards Facebook because of it's mind blowing features and qualities which they offer each Facebook members.
                            When someone regularly post bad pictures on Facebook,then the society faces enormous difficulties, sometime the government may ban Facebook in such area.
                                                     Best Example is when some dishonest men upload videos related to anti-Islam.Many countries Saudi Arabia,Pakistan,Iran,Afghanistan and China blocked and banned Facebook for some months until it was removed by the owner.Now current issue is still running with You-tube,some users make a anti-Islamic movies which was bringing disgrace to their religion,in a result many countries banned you-tube in their region that means you-tube faces financial crises,they are losing billions of viewer each day,as a result their revenue is not up to date as it was before when all world was using.