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Thursday, May 9, 2013

When Does Youtube Allow To Upload Videos Longer Than 15 Minutes?

Youtube is strongly recommended site which has various unique features,through which it is very famous and world-wide accepted.I will keep this post short and clean.I am not going to take this post longer as other's do.I am just here to explain and give you some tips and instructions to upload videos longer than 15 months,Which is essential part of using Youtube as well as gaining revenue By Adsense-Youtube Program which even a child knows.
           Uploading videos longer than 15 minutes is feature of Youtube,that is not available for beginners and low,but when a person reaches the right amount of subscribers,comments and views then youtube automatically review your account and allow you to use all their feature for better content and best results for you and youtube.
                                             Whenever a person sign up for Youtube partnership,if youtube reviews and accepts partnership application which is reviewed within few days,then your Youtube Channel is available to upload videos longer than 15 months which you are desiring after a mobile verification method which is quite easy,I don't need to explain,you will understand yourself.So the question on your mind must be that "what is youtube partnership" and what is criteria behind this?
Criteria and Youtube Partnership:-
                                         Youtube partnership is first step for your revenue or you can say job,When a person applies for partnership he must meets the requirements which youtube implies on us,These requirements can also be read on youtube by searching on youtube or support google which is a site especially designed for Youtube Tips and solving problems.
                   You must have a great number of  subscribers which 1000 and 10000000 views which is quite enough and valuable to you to sign up,but remember one thing you  must owe the video,you must owe all the right to upload that video,video must be self-created with High Quality Voice System and Hp Result,These kinds of video are more likely to get thousands or may be millions of views,that is enough to meet criteria,
                                                    So from now try starting your work,meet the requirements and upload videos to youtube longer than 15 minutes,it doesn't matter 15 minutes or 10 hours,you don't see number of minutes after getting approved from youtube that you are able to upload longer than 15 minutes,it also does not matter it's HD or simple,
You just owe the right to upload videos longer than 15 minutes.

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