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Friday, May 3, 2013

What Shape is Best For Banner Ads? Square Or Rectangle?

All Adsense users are warmly welcomed to joining the galaxy of styleinfictions,so We are here to discuss about the shape which is best for banner ads.Many People get troubles in choosing the right size,color and Shape for Adsense Ads,which are most likely to get more clicks,But they can't find such posts easily that's I came here to help you because I really care for those who entered my website.So Let's we are going to talk about that what shape is best for banner ads,Square or Rectangle or Wide Skycraper.We will describe each kind briefly and with explanation below which are quite easy to understand and fun to practice them on your own blog or website etc.
1-Wide Skycraper (160×600):-
Wide Skycraper are the best ads,if they are kept on text only,people who click on both image 
and text ads only are not likely to get more clicks as the users which only use text,Text 
attracts People and become a good source of income in Adsense Account which is gained 
through many hurdles and fences.People click on them if they find something interesting,
For example:-Suppose I am hungry and I see text add that how to cook Noodles,then I 
will instantly click on them,So these are best banner ads,because these have 6 layers of ads
while other do not have that AdChoices.

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