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Friday, May 10, 2013

Top 5 Tips-Best Way To Sell Blog Templates?

Welcome each visitor to this blog,Today our topic is about What is best way to sell blog templates,which is also common among number of people and we can also that it is a online business which is feeding millions of people around the world.All this technique requires is your self experience and skills.So I am going to discuss top 5 tips which will help you in selling Blog Templates like Hot Cakes.You have to fully act upon these instructions and steps,if you want to sell blog templates.
Top 5 Tips:-
1-Usually post about Templates:-
                                           You should post on blog about selling templates with demo's.Choose a unique title which may attract people.Usually select title with free word.Never use "for sale" on Title,because people are not interested in buying things rather they look for free templates. 
                                    Suppose you have create 10 templates with demo pictures and preview option.Now it's time for your templates to go live,Then make title something like "Best Blog HTML Templates For Free 2013".Make some of them free,while give price to majority but they must have something in them,that attracts audience and they compelled to buy from your website.Always use reasonable price.After selling template,Also give advice to client about how to use it,what are benefits,what makes it so professional?This may increase the trust of customers,so next time whenever they want to buy templates they will come for your website and will purchase another one.
2-Create A Facebook Fan Page:-
                                 Create a Facebook Fan page about your blogger templates,first get thousands of likes via adword,you just have to buy credits and assign it on your Facebook page,this increase the number of likes on your Facebook Fan Page.Update often,I mean daily about new blog templates,Make some of them free to attract people but some of them should   be given by money.Make some of them really cheap,so majority will buy it.While make some of them expensive ,so that professional blogger are more likely to buy that.
3-Interaction with Social Bookmarking Sites:-
                                                            Submit your blog templates on social bookmarking website which attract audience and increase number of customers to your blog templates.



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