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Friday, May 17, 2013

Real Hide Ip 4.1 Full Crack

Real hide Ip is software which helps us to hide our identity to surf securely on internet and also for the purposes of many other users from newbie to professional.Real Hide Ip is small data stored software which helps us to hide our country by changing our proxy to some other country.This is very useful,it has many benefits.Though we cannot get the speed as it was in direct connection.Although you can open websites which was blocked in your country or also for the purpose of many other reasons.


1-Hide Identity
2-Surf Securely
3-Be anonymous 
4-Experience better web speed
5-Change Ip after every 1 min
6-Change Ip upto 50 countries
7-Use it on different web browser
8-Use it anytime,anywhere for any reason.


The major defect of all hiding software is speed,user cannot experience speed as they face on direct connection which is their local ip address.Because the IP address which use to turn our identity is coming from website server and proxy-list.It takes data to transfer data from local website to our server.That's why people faces low speed.Which is the great problem.


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