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Friday, May 10, 2013

Imran Khan Wins Election 2013

Imran Khan who is now our Prime Minister for next 5 years has been defeated Noon League and Pakistan Peoples Party which was the dream of our great hero and leader.Imran Khan is very passionate and brave man,he will serves all Pakistan with humble heart and humanity.
                                                        Imran Khan become Prime Minister after the election of 11 May 2013 which was historic elections,both parties Noon League And Justice Movement was quite tough enough to face each other.
                                                            And at the last time,when all hopes seems to be lost,Imran Khan become Prime Minister of Pakistan,which is good for all Pakistan youth as well as elders,poor and children's.All the Pakistan Country is decorated with exhibitions,Fireworks and stuff.Youth is showing their passion for Imran Khan,because it was Youth dream to take Imran Khan as a Prime Minister of Pakistan.
                                                    After all Imran Khan became PM.He was being injured after falling from stage (don't know exactly that someone push him or he fell himself).Anyway,he is our Prime Minister for next 5 Years.Now it's time to create a New Pakistan which every one has always dreamed of.
                                            Imran Khan himself is quite happy and cried at the first movement when he heard about his success and love from his country.He is promising people that he wil bring peace,justice,richness,health,education and will remove dishonesty,corruption,injustice and more stuff.All other Parties and organizations are welcoming Imran Khan.


  1. dont you ashame of this....u pimp

    1. He is still PM in our hearts,no one can stop YOUTH,YOU JUST WATCH..!