How To Promote Your Youtube Video And Rank Higher?

Youtube is an online storage program serving Millions of people all around the world.Making Youtube channel and creating videos are nothing anyone can do this,but creating famous videos and featured youtube account is something.In this post we will discuss some points which help in promoting videos and rank higher.If you act upon my following points and instructions,then you are going to gain something new and valuable.As I described that no one is that much to done all steps in one day,I recommend you to pick one step each day for better results.

Promoting Tips:-
1-Connection with Social Bookmarking:-
                                              Create unique video with attracting title to gain a bunch of audience effortlessly.So what are going to talk about is Social Bookmarking,What are social bookmarking?Sites which don't owe any self-copyrights rather they are running their websites through the help of people which submit their article and website link on them in order to gain traffic on their blog easily.
                                                             So,Best Social Bookmarking Websites are reddit,stumbleupon,dElIcIoUS,technorati and CraCkEd.
                                                     You will get immediately visitors one after the other,when your video become able to get 1000 views,then it's address come when you search on any search engine,google or youtube etc. Ultimately your video get's more views day by day without any difficulty.
2-Effortless Promotion $ :-
                                           If you are not interested  in doing any step,then you can simply buy youtube video views by adword,just go to videoy manager,click on edit and hit promote,assign views to video,see your budget and click on continue,this trick is also worthy,many people lives are too busy in this world,they don't have time to involved in such time-consuming activities therefore they simply use Adword to fulfil their requirements which they want from video.
3-Create a community around you:-
                                                     Community makes your youtube video rare and worthy,people who are more likely to create a community,hang out activities and drive traffic to your Youtube Video.
                                             You can create communities such as on Facebook,Twitter,Livemocha and other websites which are related to them.Create a page which is simply like your videos,Also create something new and give importance to members of your community,because without them,community is lost and ultimately Video views are lost.
4-Create High Definition Videos (1080 p) :-
                                                    Use editing software's which help in making you online videos for Youtube,use software's like AVS video Editor which enables you to create HD Videos and has a vast application in editing effects,captions,annotation and many more things which you can no even imagine,
                                                  You can say that Youtube like HD videos,they keep HP videos on front page of youtube and other search engines to show their works and to keep trust in people for them.HP videos are necessary parts of Youtube and they usually become featured and get thousands of unexpected visitors.
5-Always use Sound:-
                                Never explain videos with notepad,it is bad,always use your own language online with explanation to get featured video,benefits of featured videos are infinitive.Every day they get thousands of views for free,Youtube keep them on the top most corner.It becomes featured when staff of Youtube review your video,if they like the way you talk,the way you edit,the way the way you create,then they make your video featured.
6-Embed your video on website:-
                                     Give your embed code into HTML layout of blogger,when a person views your article or post,if he likes the post,then he must go for your video.In a result,your video will also get views day by day and popularity of your video will be increased.
7-Respect Community Guidelines:-
                                               Youtube has number of points of views,everyone should read these points and be careful when uploading video,make sure you are not going against youtube,You are fool,if you think that youtube will not search for your video which breaks the law and community guidelines,you video will gain copyright strike,that will vanish in 6 months.
8-Use Squiddo:-
                        Use squidoo for creating a lens,take a suitable title for your lens which suits your youtube videos,explain with posts and videos of youtube,this might be a great source of Traffic,you get thousands of views in this way.
                                                                            You can even do more works with Squidoo lens,promoting your Facebook,Twitter Page, enhancing the range of your blog or website and  youtube videos.

Pick one step each day,Thanks


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