How To Get Approved By Content Identification Youtube Program?

Hi Guys welcome to this post,we are going to discuss what makes youtube to approve our content identification  submission and how it completes,what are the benefits?
I will keep it short and simple,

First Go this page Content Identification Youtube.

Many get rid of youtube problems and various systematic issues that you can not share with anyone not even to youtube,because they are sick and difficult.

1-When people go to Analytics,and estimated earnings they find this,Data is not available for the selected report,content and data range.If possible,try selecting a broader data range,different content, or come back in 1-2 days after the most recent data has been processed.

2-Find same problem in Ad performance.

Sign up here to get rid of this and start earning:-
Cms Youtube

But you will find technical problem and will not be able to sign for,because you have not yet sign up for content Identification programm,

1-Many people find green icon and successfully monetized icon but they don't get the earning and are not able to show ads are on the right place.
2-Or the people who get their ads only find on only one of their featured video.

Content identification application youtube.


1-Give your first and second name
2-Country/region (exactly place)
3-Phone number (they may or may not contact you)
4-Your blog or website
5-Choose one for which describes your content the best
6-Tell them how many copyright do you exclusively control (that means how many articles or self-created thing you have in your entire life?or tell them number of things that you have created by yourself but not copy paste )
7-You are a individual,mostly in may case
8-Have you issued a copyright take down notice (have you you ever issued a third party strike) tell true,because they check your channel whether you are trusted for future or not.
9-Where do you host or distribute your content,
I Choose on my website and Youtube.
10-Why do you want to choose content id program (select all that apply as mentioned)
11-I want to use content id to indentify
I recommend you to select:-
Audio-visual content (video with an audio channel)
12-Please explain briefly why would you want to participate in Content Identification Program:-

I wrote this:-

Because all of mt videos and content is copyright and it is not in used by any kind of user from any place,
                           From an early age I had a great inclination towards youtube it was first strated with my Amiga computer to this core i7.I am really surprised that after putting adsense on youtube video what I will get in a reward,I hope positive response from Youtube Team,Thanks.

Try to explain more briefly ,never copy and past ,they may detect this and you will be rejected.Use strongly recommended words with high vocabulary.This may encourage them to get you started by next steps via email

13-Please Provide a representative list of copyrighted works under your exclusive control:-

1-I have created a website in order to provide facilitated and true knowledge for people so they might get mind relaxation and google searching trust.

2-I have a great sense towards social websites like Docstoc and uploading copyright files,I owe them

3-I have a great experience of uploading tutorials and HD videos to Youtube which are fully copyright and trusted to be watched and they are very creative and trusted.

My videos were seldom misused and reuploaded by some dishonest users,Thank

You will soon get approved

Never show blank space in step 12 or 13,write without leaving any line,

Thanks for being here


  1. how long did it take for the content id signup application to be approved?

  2. and after I approve the application I get my money?

  3. Your ads will start appearing,analytics will work fine,and you will start earning revenue by your videos,Thanks

  4. how i represent my copyrighted work in application?

  5. Asslam-o-Alikum ,
    Ahsan plz ma ap sa kuch pouchna chati ho plz help me. mere email address hy

  6. Can you give me a cms account is very important for me

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  8. How log does it take to be verified on youtube content id

  9. Thank you very much for this. it means a lot to me

  10. HIi have submiited the application but 2 of my short films are with another company who have te rights to publsh my video but are not letting me terminate the agreement with them .. can i claim the video rights ??


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