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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How To Get 1000000 Views On Your Streaming Video On Youtube?

Tips and Instructions to increase your Youtube views  upto 1000000,It looks hard to get but actually it is not,because there are thousands of tips,tricks and websites which let your video on the top and front page of Google as well as on Youtube, It's simple and easy I hope you will like this post as well as the content and criteria of this website.

1-Create a Good Title:-
                              Titles are the most powerful weapon and magnet of your Streaming video which attracts others to your video,video is nothing  without title.Title makes a video perfect and unique.

For Example:-
                         If you make a video related to website and title it as "how to cook" ultimately no one willing to see website related video will never reach you and your video gets no views.
2-Social Websites:-
                            Social websites allow you to drive thousands of viewers to your video suddenly by just submitting your video.Common and best example of social are   , ,, which allow people to drive traffic to their youtube videos as well as on their websites,that's why they are very famous and popular among all the people living in different regions and countries of the world.
                                                          You can check the websites I have mentioned above to get traffic to your Videos on Youtube.
                                                         Reddit is the best source,so what you have to do is to sign up,submit your like to reddit ,choose a category ,maybe videos for your selection and submit your link to reddit.
3-Use Free Credit Websites:-
                                         Use, for increasing traffic to your youtube streaming videos,it's simple and easy.You have to earn credits by different methods and techniques and devote it on your youtube views,each credit give you a different view,subscribe,comment,like and responses as well as sharing your video to different websites.
                            Vagex is better,you have to refer people and earn credits by their activities,upload a video related to vagex and get free 5000 credits.
                                          If you don't want to involve in such activities,then simply download vagex viewer,it will automatically watch other videos on your computer and give you credit on each view on vagex viewer.Run it over night for better results.
4-Create a blog:-
                     Create a blog or website and leave link to your youtube vidoes on each post.ultimately when a person will watch your website or blog,he/she will automatically watch your youtube videos if they are interested and attracts people and also give your website url in your youtube videos channel and descriptions,ultimately a cycle will be formed and every visitor will be redirected to Youtube to blog or blog to Youtube,which is better for earning and having great amount of visitors which you have always dreamed of.
                                                    Also make a gadget of youtube subscribers on your blog,so it makes it easy to get more subscribers and views on youtube views.
5-Break a hot story on youtube:-
                                       Be among the first who break a new hot story on youtube and get millions of youtube at once,
                                             Whenever a new story and incident happens upload a video related to them as soon as possible because timing has great power.
For example:-
                      You come to know that some famous actor has been died a few minutes and hours ago,you should upload a video on youtube related to that with unique title,ultimately it will bring millions of free visitors,

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