How To Convert Flash Into RAM For Better Performance?

Converting USB flash in to RAM has been attracted millions people attraction because of it's awesome fact that converting flash into RAM will dedicate all the space into RAM which boost up the whole computer as well as your games and Internet speed.Unfortunately,few networking think to tell people about the mind-blowing feature of windows 7 as well as other which was launched by world-wide accepted company known as "Microsoft" built by world richest man Bill Gates.

Well,let me take you to the point ya.!
It's simple as hell and fun to practice after learning.

1-Plug any flash with free space of approximately 2 GB.
2-Now Go to your computer at the top right corner of front page known as desktop.If you don't see icon there,then try clicking on Start Menu and from there open my computer.
3-Now All you have to do is to go properties of Flash which you have plugged in recently in your computer slot.
4-From there,click on ready boost and now notice the image given below:

5-After clicking ready boost and click on "Use This Device" and dedicate the memory you want to drive it to flash for higher and reliable speed and performance instantly right after the configuration cache process occur immediately after you click on apply.


The speed which has converted into RAM will  be work exactly after you click on apply.But this is not gonna show on your my computer properties.