How To Avoid Youtube Uploading Freezes?

Welcome every body to this post,so today topic is about Youtube Problems which are mostly likely faced by users which don't know the right solution for the problem and become a confused member from a Youtube member and ultimately revenue also closed by this,because the more videos you upload the better chance you get more money by Adsense,this is not our topic today we will discuss about it later,so let me take you to the point,I will give you some instructions and tips about each problem while uploading your video to Youtube,Many bloggers only give you one or at the most 2 solution which are not up to date and disappoint you,I will give you various tricks and tips for the problems you face during uploading your unique videos to Youtube.Common problems are youtube uploading stuck in starting,half or at the end,ultimately result in no output video.

Solutions for Common Problems:-

1-Sometime it's Youtube own server problems because too many videos that are being updated on youtube each second by each user,This problem is faced by every country,it does not mean that its only you that are facing that problem,all world face that,but majority includes slow internet connection with too many software's.
                    This problem is for few days or hours,not every day when you try to upload youtube video,

2-If you are using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome,try using Safari which is reliable and easy enough to upload videos even if you are facing uploading problems,It is my self-tested thing,Use Safari to upload videos and upload unlimited videos,every time you want,where ever you want.
If it's not even working with Safari (but this works for 95 % users) then see next steps

3-Delete Mozilla Firefox Or Google Chrome History,Caches,Cookies,Saved Passwords and all the history,Everything you see.Use CC CLeAnEr ,download after installing click on every applications and software's to delete useless file,it will automatically take those files which are stopping videos to upload on Youtube.

4-If You are using Windows 7(if not then follow with you own sense),follow these steps.Go To Local Disk C,from there click on user,choose your user which is working for you computer then go to App Data,now click on Local Now you will see list of software's stored date,find and delete Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome Folder,it will delete everything on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome,it's not harmful whether you can say that it is useful in many ways.

5-Click on startmenu, enter cmd command by typing and entering cmd,
Now Type "ipconfig/displaydns 
Now type "ipconfig/flushdns
(Make sure that youtube is opened when doing these steps.)

6-Try contacting Youtube or simply go for a expert of networking near your area (or try contacting man who set up your internet connection)

7-Use another User,For Example if you are using user1 then go for user2 .You will find descriptions about User's when you go into Control Panel.

8-Try Using the Basic Uploader

8-If all these steps not working,Format all your disc and install a new windows which is the simplest and easiest way..

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  1. basically what your telling us is delete all your custom settings fishing there may be probem there. shitty advise you got here, i hope noone uses it.
    and you dont need to flush DNS. eve. they autoflush once a day.

    1. and don't forget! use safari! did I mention to use safari?

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