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Friday, May 10, 2013

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Website Built?

Blog is inevitable business,every one knows about blog industry because of it's uses and mind blowing features through which they are famous and world-wide adopted profession.Creating A Blog is nothing,but creating a successful and valuable is something rare.Even a blind can make a blog,but only professional can provide audience,reliability,good look and better content in blog,this is what all blog wants,if you become successful in making these steps in action then it means you have created a blog,which is unique and rare.But many people in this industry does not want to devote time in blogging and also want to bring unique bunch of visitors and smooth affects which attract other people.You can ask to have any kind of website i.e Tricks,Tutorials,E-commerce,Social Bookmarking,Review Website,Support and Introduction to something all of these can be done by cash which you are compelled to give to website desi6gner,the one who assigned your brand new blog to a professional ranking blog.
                                          I will give you a example,I have created a blog of Tricks & Tutorials for a business man which was living in front of my house,he paid me very well,it was quite enough to buy something rare,not big house,Sports Car,but It was quite enough for me to buy my daily requirements.
                                         I said for 3500 $ but I take 2400 $ with concession and I was asked to built website in 15 days which is big money for teenagers to do their life activities.I will tell you that what I was required to do and how I managed myself with that budget.
Web Designing:-
                           Every day I devoted approximately 4 to 5 hours on web designing as well as I was required to post copyright content which should be unique and rare.So I started working and created website successfully,it increased my confidence,as well as respect and importance for me in surrounding which is worthy than money.These steps were done in 15 days which are as follows:-
1-Blog Address and Template designing:-
                                                       As my first day started,I selected blog address according to Tricks & Tutorials,I named that blog as tricks . blog spot . com.Next step was to choose blog template,Dynamic views were quite different and tremendous but I didn't go for that because it does not have ads settings which help in gaining revenue.So,I better searched that on Google about blog templates and put them on edit HTML portion,so these two steps were quite short and did not take much time as the next steps took.
2-Start Posting (at-least 100 posts):-
                                                 I start posting articles which were quite famous and popular among people.I wrote 10 post each day.It was difficult but I had to,because it was my duty, I was meant to do this,So I carried out with this time taking activities by which I was going to paid.Every time I had to think whether which trick & Tutorial should I go For?What is more popular among people living all around the world?I also downloaded search Keywords and got idea by that,which keywords are more worthy.I searched for Google for more details and descriptions about the article I was about to publish.
3-Promoting Website:-
                                     5 days was remaining and It was time to submit my website to different life communities,Social Bookmarking,Social Networking and Driving traffic sources.Which was the utmost essential part for that website.First of all I started submitting each article on Digg,Delicious,and Reddit which was great source to drive people,I also created blog Community,created Lens on various website,posted article on Ezinearticles and leave a back-link while writing article.I converted each post into PDF and uploaded it to data sharing websites like Docstoc and Scribd and leave a back link to my blog.

So,That's how I created a website for man and gained required money.I bought PS 3 ,Sony Camera and Projector.

I was offered many times by different people to design a web,but I didn't because designing other webs give you money faster but only one time.
But if you do same thing and do same content on your own blog,It will give you late but lifetime revenue and visitors.




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