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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blog For Newbies & Low

Blogger is centralizes blog-publishing service which allows private or company to share data 

with with other people all around the world.It enables computer to share and receive and is 

also known as Networking.It was first developed by Lyra Labs,which was purchased by 

by Google.

Creating a blog is nothing,but creating unique blog is something which has ability to draws 

millions of visitors towards itself.This ability is not coming until you want.The Fact is that 

everyone want but few of them work hard and achieve the goal which they always aimed of.

These are called real bloggers.

Blog For Newbies and Low:

Don't be nervous and confused.Every well-known and famous blogger was a newbie at his

beginning of career.Let's take a look on blog.What actually a blog is?

1-Blog is a page with text and picture which provides authentic information to readers.

There are billions of blog in internet world.Some of them are well-developed while 

some of them are copyrighted.

It's easy to owe a blog,but it's difficult to run it.Don't that difficult.Why you are called newbie 

and low?Because you are inexperience for this career.Everyone is a newbie at some time in 

his life.You are not the first.

Before Getting Start,think.?:

Every blogger supposed to think what kind of blog should they create?It's an utmost 

essential part of blogging.Suppose you are master of cooking,then start creating

a blog according to your profession.Don't try to become supernatural or supersonic.

Google Analytic revealed that people who create blog other than their profession are most 

likely to get failure result,because of insufficient knowledge and lack of proper consulting.

I recommend you to create a blog related to your profession & be a consultant and adviser.

Benefits Of Blog:

1-Spreading your business or personal software's or other stuff.

2-Get Increase in your knowledge

3-Becoming an expert.

4-Becoming consultant

5-Gaining confidence to communicate with other people.

6-Creating a community around you.

7-Becoming an observer

8-Getting "Blogger" Title.


Mostly people are not interested in above benefits rather they want one thing that is $.It is 

only possible if and if your daily visitors reach about 1000 visitors daily.Then you are going 

to get money from your Adsense account associated with your blog which is quite easy and 

reliable.If someone says that getting revenue online is impossible and spam.Then it is wrong.

Don't believe that.You can get answer from this post

Why Am I creating Long Posts?

Why Am I having Blog?

Why Am I devoting my time on Blog?

Why Am I interesting in having a domain?

Is this spam,then it means that billions of people getting online revenue from blog is spam,that sounds funny,Doesn't it.

Demerits of Blog and Their Solution:

Though aside from benefits,they are several demerits,but I'm going to give you a quite easy 

solution for that,which might help you in getting a long-term blog revenue

These are the common Problems:

1-I don't want to give my majority of time on blog

Try to adopt it as profession.Be happy with blog.Imagine of that time when you will get your first dollars.

2-My eye sight is loosing:
Set your computer or laptop o power safe mode,So that will not effect .

3-My concentration to studies are getting lower:
Try to create a schedule.Manage your timing's.

How Will we get paid  through?

Adsense is Google controlled program which enables you to receive,draw and send money online.It requires no credit card,Paypal or Payza account.It is created once you owe a website or blog which has good traffic rank by Alexa.


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