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Monday, May 13, 2013

5 Tips To Give Magnetic Touch To Your Post Title?

Creating a blog is nothing,but creating qualified & capable blog is something rare.Bloggin

industry means meaningful to various people in the world.I know you must be confused

now,but you will not be confused when leaving out of this blog,if you really concentrate and 

read what I am talking about.If you like blogging then keep blogging,blogging does not have 

age restriction.After all it's a passionate profession.It attracts world.

Creating a post with awesome content means nothing,if you don't give a suitable title to the 

post.We will discuss about magnificent points which give will enhance your self creating skills,

so you might create and think about the title before you post.

1-Keep it short and Clean:

Always try to keep your post title clean and short.Don't take it too long and always take it too

short.Let's think?Suppose if you are ready to write post about something.Think if you were 

reader then what kinds of keywords will you type on Google.What makes you think about 

that keyword.Don't try to confuse yourself.The more you love this profession the better 

post you will create.

Let's take title example:-

I have a orchard,I filmed my orchard and now it's time to make post about it or video.Now it's time to decide to take title.I think about two titles

1-Simple Overview of my Orchard

2-Simple Overview of my Orchard which has rose,sunflowers,pupil and many other stuff.

Which will get more visitors?

What title for people will search?

Think about it yourself.

2-Use Simple Words:-

Never try to use words which are unique and people don't know about that words.Try using 

words which are most likely to searched by readers.Early in history,it was think that blogger

who titled their post with difficult and rare words are supposed to get more visitors.But 

Later on this theory was neglected by analytic's issued by Google Staff.

Let's take an example

I created a blog post about blogging tips and now it's time to make a title:

1-Basic Blogging Tips For Beginners 

2-Central Blogging points for newbies and low

What is more rare?
For which one people will search mostly?
Which one will make you a better blogger?
What will be the better post?

Of course no.1 is more better.Because people search for it more.But it's not good in some 
case.I am going to tell you in what case in step 3.?

3-Be a searcher before Blogger:-

Do a valuable search on Google about the post.See what others are posting about your 
theory.What are other titles for that post?What is central Idea for your post?Which keywords are more used?

See in step 2,I have mentioned that no.1 is more worthy,but it does not in some cases.

For example:If you type Basic Blogging Tips in Google Search,you will find billions of links driving at other websites:

I know it's simple but it used by billions of people.

I recommend Basic Blogging Tips For Newbies & Low.!Which is more worthy and rare.

Doesn't it?

4-Use Tools for Keywords:-

You can simply use tools for keywords which are more worthy and get more readers by tools 

about keyword tools which makes it simple and clean.You don't have to work for that.

Download any tool type your words and see how unique your words are.

Or you can clearly use Google Adword for keyword search and their importance among 

people.This step will give you some mind  pleasure.Right?

5-Use numbers instead of words:-

Numbers are more better than words.Google analytic search shows that people who use 

number in their post title achieve more traffic and importance & supposed to put them 

on front page.


You are going to make a post about "Tea making".You must think about numbers instead of words
See how?

1-How To Make Tea?

2-7 Tips to Make Tea?

No.2 is more better and worthy.Google put them on better search engines & THEY are 

supposed to Get Better Visitors.

Tips & Warnings:

1-Read This Step Daily,again and again try to fix them in your mind.

2-Don't be upset .I was also like some months ago

"Practice makes a man Perfect".

3-Try picking each step each day,otherwise they will be mixed.


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