40 Ways To Generate Traffic To Your Blog?

Everyone in Blogging Industry wants their blog to be on top list and become famous among all the other blogs that ever exist.In this Post we will learn How to drive traffic to your blog for free methods which are quite easy.Every one can not get the same results.Forexample:- If I get 500 views Daily with my article submission on various site does not mean that you are going to get the same traffic to your blog,we might say that it depends on the quality and quantity of your posts.You can even get more views.
My advice would be to pick my tips and tricks and start implementing the,Use it for yourself,Depending upon your work.

                             You must listen to the successful and experience user in this industry,I am not saying that to act upon every single advice you heard.You must provide ability to differentiate between reality and fake stuff.

So,Here are the steps which I gained through my valuable and commercial experience by involving in blog are listed below:-

              Do not try to act on every advice and steps I have posted,do each step daily,I mean you must spend your first day on first step,second day on second step.
                                 Trying to do all steps in one day will result in restlessness and useless,ultimately result in depression and you might get rid of these stuff.

Instruction And Steps:-

1-Become  a good SEO, learn basics of SEO,Blogging means nothing to you,if you dont actually no what SEO is,first have a look on SEO and then start reading the remaining article.

2-Change Your Blog articles and Posts to PDF using Free pdf converters and submit your posts to leading websites like scribd.com and docstoc.com

3-Think 100 times before you go for any post,first search for the post which you want to create,use alexa toolbar to know if the post are most likely desired by people,go and have a look on social websites to verify whether what people want the most.

4-Atleast create one post which might have unique and different content and make it longer with explanation and examples,it might have take to your 

5-Be among the first who break hot stories,For instance you came to know that some celebrity is getting married then be the first to write about that stuff,so you might get better results.

6-Make a unique Lens using Squidoo.com and leave a link back to your blog.

7-Submit your blog to leading search engines like google,Yahoo and Bing or simply use Squidoo.com to submit your link to approximately every search engines.

8-Submit Your Website to different directories and social websites like reddit.com,digg.com,stumbleupon.com and technorati.com

9-Create A private page on facebook.com,Twitter.com and Livemocha.com and submit post that exist on your blog for better chance to get high traffic.

10-Hold a contest and and declare a suitable prize for the winner,post this on facebook and twitter fan page,you must select a valuable prize that attracts the attention of large audience.

11-Participate on various chatting groups where people gathers and have clear conversation,people discuss their problems and needs,you must answer them and provide them a suitable and good way .

12-Use sites like Odiogo and turn them into podcast and upload them to podcast related websites and blog.

13-Write full informative,knowledge full,non-profit and non-commercial article on wiki to get better position and standard in search engines.

14-Write Informative articles and submit them to most leading and generating traffic site like ezinearticles ,try to become author and use genuine and self-written content to get verified after being reviewed by the staff of Ezine.

15-Create Videos using any screen recording softwares like  animoto,camstudio or simply use AVS video Editor for 1080p HD videos and upload them on video sharing websites like youtube and dailymotion and leave a link to your website in your channel and videos descriptions.

16-Use hi5 to build and manage a page for your blog and make a community around it.

17-Don't make post too big with thousands pictures,make it simple,clean,informative and good enough to be navigate.This will result in visitors to reach your blog easily by searching on any search engine

18-You must create a hub for your blog using hubpages ,infact a great source of traffic.

19-Use friends blogs in blog subscriptions,so whenever your friend will find that,he will must put your url to his blog Descriptions,So it create a cycle that will help both parties.

20-Comment on other blogs and leave a blacklink back your blog,comment something different that attract people to have a look on your wording.

21-Be Funny,remarkable and clever on each post you create and guest post on someone else blog.

22-Add gadgets below each post so people might share them on digg and reddit easily,ultimately become a source of thousands of audience for nothing.

23-Create a MySpace page for your blog and drive traffic to your blog.

24-Submit your blog to free directories DMOZ

25-Create a Banner for Your blog using BannerFans,make it for free and embed it onto different websites of your friends.

26-If you like some post on other blogs,create a new post and make direct link to their websites,when they will notice and might do same for you.

27-Submit Your Blog to Review Websites that write review on other websites like CoOlSITEofThEdAy

28-Use Appropriate Title and Tag for your blog post,so people may reach you easily,make title simple clean and unique.

29-It's an necessary to submit your blog to blogCaTaLoG

30-Make a page on 43things.com and tell other what your website actually belong to.

31-Create a page on lookuppage.

32-Advertise your blog with google adword and get entirely different visitors and audience instantly after you assign credits to your website.

33-Create account on clixsense.com and get more than 15000 views in just 15$.

34-Write well but often,usually post 3 times a week.

34-Try to change your blog into website by just 10$ for a year,it's quite easy and affordable.

34-Usually post according to your niche,if your blog is about beauty tips,then write just about beauty tips,never post something like tutorials of hacking or serials of software it is useless and will upset you in future.

35-Create a google plus profile add many as you want in your circles and post your each article on google plus,it will enhance thousands of views to your website or blog,also create page on google plus and leave a link to your website.

36-Create a account on linkedin and complete your profile throughly. 

37-Add your blog to wikipedia,wikipedia is the biggest and trusted source of traffic,just do this step and see how traffic comes into your blog.

38-Pinterest is also include on those sites which provide huge and tremendous traffic to your blog.In the beginning it may not work for you,but gradually you will feel the difference in traffic,it more faithful and reliable than Facebook and Google Plus.

39-Write usually pillar content,pillar content means posts with HD Tutorials which helps people to understand about the post and stuff related to this.

40-Write a response post,which may prove to be the best solution for problems which are usually common in people.It makes trust in users and they become your permanent source of traffic.
                 These steps will engage you for sometime,day by day you will see difference of audience and traffic.Do each step on each day,never try this in one day,it will mix all the steps and you will lose traffic day by day,But I hope that will help you,Thanks




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