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Saturday, May 11, 2013

3 Effective Tips For Blogger To Be Victorious?

Blogging is more than just fun now.It is now become question of life and death for majority of bloggers.People like to create more than one blog.Blog industry is very common nowadays.Every newbies and low owe a blog,but that does not mean,they are victorious and successful,But creating a professional blog with authentic information and content mean something important.
                                     People which are most likely to post articles on blog without any authentic information faces financial problems and defame.They become stag instead of blogger.
           So,Today we will discuss about 5 magnificent and effective tips and techniques to improve your blog visibility and better chance to get more famous.

1-Do Often Update:

Blogger which do not usually post do not have any chance for better results in search engines and more websites like social networking & Social Bookmarking.Posting daily give you a great opportunity for bringing mass traffic to your blog which really is an effective way to be victorious with blogger.
                              Blogger who are not likely to update often faces problems like lower audience and bad revenue which brings disgrace to their blog and also vanishes the chance of  blog to come on front page of Google.
Updating often attracts Google to know that blog is updating daily,it must have something new and authentic.They consider your blog for months.Everything you do in that period,as a result if they like your activities and the ways by which you promote your blog,then they put your blog into their famous directories.Ultimately your each post will be appear on front page of Google which enough for Blogger
It is my self experience that updating often leads you to better audience and more effective search engines.
"    You Post daily,you gain everything,you post nothing,you gain nothing."

2-Post Better Content:-

Posting better content is essential for blogger as food is essential for human.I will tell you an interesting fact about better content.Better content divert the attention of crowd,so they read your all post and search for rest post,ultimately they visit your all blog.Google notice the time each member spends on your blog.The more time crowd visit,the better chance Google gives a blogger to be successful by putting his content on front page.
Google usually put blog on front page,if the crowd is giving more and more time on blog and only if majority of people become engage to your blog.
This only happen when you have strong content,all self-written and authentic and useful information.I will give you some tips for Better content which are as follows:-

1-Be Authentic

2-Be Clever

3-Be Frank

4-Be Funny

5-Be Consultant

6-Be Adviser 

7-Be Gentle

8-Be General

Try acting on all of them.

3-Be General:-

Try to be general and simple on each and every post.General does not mean villager.It means do not try to be over-clever,over-confident and tricky that puzzles people,so they may ignore your blog.
                   Be General and keep your articles short and clean.Don't take them too long so the reader may get annoy and never come back on your blog again.So try using explanations but pay attention to the length of post.Don't take it too short that reader may not understand you completely.
I recommend you to make post's according to your niche.If your niche really demands you to make longer posts the create,but if they does not,then don't.Niche is not going to really tell you,it is life-less.This question may only rise into your mind and the answer should be your mind.
Okay,Let's take two examples:
Suppose you are going to make article about blogging tips and techniques then you must take it as longer as you want.Because blogging industry is ever-growing.There's no one to ask you about the length.People like to read more and more about blogging tips and techniques.So,never keep them too short.Be a consultant at that time.
Let's take another example:-
Suppose you are going to post about how to make tea?
You may explain this in short,because reader only search for that.Reader does not want to know the origin and history about tea,he only wants to know that how to make tea.So,keep these kinds of post short and clean.Never try to explain more briefly.

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