20 Common Problems That Every Blogger Should Avoid?

Creating a successful blog enables you to become more authentic and informative about world and you can owe more than one blog.As we know that,blogger industry is ever-growing.If you like blogging then do,it does not matter how old are you and what do you do.?I'm here to inform you about common problems that every blogger should avoid:-

1-Error in Blogging Schedule:-

The utmost mistake ever done by a blogger is not having a proper and clean blogging schedule.Blogger must make their schedule for the posts.Choose a frequency for you blog.My blogging schedule is 3 times a week i.e Tuesday,Saturday and Sunday.


Never use music Playback,which means many readers become compelled to listen to songs while reading blogs.It annoys them.Early in history,it was custom that every blogger apply music on their blog,so that every reader had to listen to them.But These kinds of blog did not get fame as compared to one who has no music.
It is my self experienced that music annoys reader,they spend less time on your blog and do not give full output,which you always dreamed of.

3-If You want then other let other play:-

But if you are really interested in playing music,then put a option of let other play.Everytime when a reader will approach your blog,He/She will see option of music.If readers really like to listen then they will play otherwise they won't play.That's quite simple.Doesn't it?

4-Niche Error:-

Take a topic and only write about it.Don't try to cover another area.What is Niche Error?It means that you created a blog for blogging tips and you are posting articles about dog,then this is absolutely wrong and leading common problem.Every blogger should be attentive to their niche.
First think,for what stuff you are going to write about and which branch you are going to cover?
This is main step and common problem.So give time to this Niche.

5-Less Knowledge Update:-

It is duty of every blogger to read 10 to 15 posts about the article they are about to write,otherwise their post will not up to date,which decreases the confidence of your readers for you.Your blog faces crises.It's is one of the biggest blunder that every blogger should avoid.

6-Avoid Banner's:-

 Be aware of defects of banner which you put on your blog.Putting banners make your blog very unprofessional and bad looking.apart,if you are really interested about putting bans,then put them on "about me" page.

7-"About me" Page:-

If we talk about "about me"page.Then I must say it is very common mistake."About me" is a strong page which let other's know about you.The more people read "about me"page.The better chance it becomes to become more popular."About me" page let other's to read about your favorite pages and bio-data.

8-Avoid Copyrighted content:-

If you find some authentic information on some other's blog.Then make a post related to it,But avoid copying content from other's blog and paste it on your own blog.Blogger and Google both are strictly against about content.Bloggers get not benefits and features of real-time blogging.They can not run such a blog which is full by waster materials.It is useless to think that you are going to deceive Google & Blogger.

11-Dmoz and Yahoo Mistake:-

Bloggers only submit their website to Google which is a leading Search Engines for many years,but they forget to submit their website to Dmoz and Yahoo which also proves to be the great source of traffic to your blog.Google does not put your blog on other websites.It is worst thinking.Don't even think about it,post your blog on others blog.Let other's know about your blog.You can do a Google Search to submit your blog to various search engines.You can simply use PiNgMyUrl.It helps you to submit your blog to more than 1500 search engines.

12-Keywords Mistake:-

Give keyword search by tools which help you to know that what other's are typing about,what other's are willing to read?then make a post about it. Try using tool at SeOmoZ.They are best for selecting keywords for you site.

13-Color Scheme:-

Choose a good color scheme for your blog.You should pick a better color scheme.Don't ever use black theme with white titles.It is very harassing.Reader's will have headache after visiting your blog.Design the gadget around your blog.

14-Avoid Long Pages:-

Never make your posts longer.When a reader approaches your blog.Before reading,reader scroll down to check the length.If it really very long,then reader will skip it altogether and you gain nothing.

15-Spelling and Grammatical Problems:-

Blogger do not pay attention to spelling and grammatical problems,because they do not know the importance of this.Google usually put anti-grammatically and spelling posts on front page of Google.
                   Post with spellings and grammatically problems do not ever get a chance to appear on front page of Google.So,Spelling and grammatically problems do play a major role.

16-Networking with other Blog's:-

My self suggestion is to be inn contact with other bloggers.Do not focus only on creativity and creation.Be Everywhere.The best way of blog networking is commenting on other's blog and leave a link back your blog.

17-Avoid Versions:-

Bloggers make a post about stuff like"IDM Highly Compressed Free Download".It is their utmost duty to give only one link to IDM download.Don't be over-clever,never put download links more than 1.
Suppose you make a post"IDM 6.15 Highly Compressed Free Download".But when a reader comes,he watches "IDM 6.12" "IDM 5.15" download links also.It confuses the reader and they skip your blog.

18-Text Navigation:-

Use Text navigation.It is smooth and reliable and supposed to get more chances of better results.

19-Avoid Pictures:-

Try using text only,because it has better chance to get get more traffic then those who upload pictures.For Instance,many people turned off images option while surfing internet.

20-Avoid Gadgets:-

Gadgets make your blog so unprofessional and odd.People like to skip such blogs because of harassing stuff.
                       Gadgets also fails you to get more traffic.The more gadgets you put,the less chance it becomes to get more visitors.