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Friday, May 3, 2013

15 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Facebook Fan Page?

Hi guys welcome to article,In this post we are going to learn the way which help you to gain and drive traffic to your Facebook fan page.
                               Creating A Facebook fan page is nothing,but creating a famous Facebook Fan page is something.
                     Everyone wish to create a unique and world-wide famous page which is quite hard.Facebook is no-2 alexa ranking site which gets billions of views daily,therefore it  attracts a lot of people to make self pages and promote them by simple methods.
                                       So here,I have described ways to drive traffic to your Facebook Fan Page, some steps you will find quite easy but some you will find hard,but nothing is impossible,never say never and act upon the following instructions carefully.

It is necessary to remind your self before reading below that all of these steps can't be done in one day,rather you pick one step each day if you want success and better results.


1-Submit Your Facebook page to social bookmarks site like reddit, digg, stumbleupon,delicious,technorati and cracked
                                                                           These websites give you result instantly,they are quite easy to be used and fun to submit your Fan page url

2-Make a blog or website related to your Facebook Fan page,post article related to your Facebook Fan Page and put a gadget of Facebook Like on Your Blog.

3-Take a suitable title for your Facebook page,while creating a Facebook fan page,you must make sure that there's no Facebook Fan Page with same title.
                                                                                        If doesn't exist then create that one and start working,so title is a great source of success.

4-Create a Youtube Channel,Create videos with screen recording programs like animoto and leave a link on your channel ass well as in the description of each video,usually force people to like your Facebook Fan Page,which is quite easy,but you must learn ways to do this.

5-Comment on other blogs and leave  a link to your Facebook fan page,which is called black links,have a look on Google about black link and create a new signature which might prove good for you.

6-Post something on Facebook page which are mostly like to share people on Facebook,the more you get shares,the more you get Likes.

7-Change your traffic into customers,be frank,funny,clever and consultant,comment on every post you share and give thanks to people who like your post,this  may increase confident of your traffic and they become you permanent source of driving traffic.

8-Make more than 5 admins for best result,only trusted people in community who have guts to promote your page as well as they post on Facebook honesty,make sure they don't put some harassing and related to pornography.

9-Advertise your Facebook Fan Page on Facebook,which is quite cheap and you get likes and fans instantly,ultimately it is biggest source of traffic,no restlessness,no work,just a little bit money with your credit card or Paypal account,if you don't have then use your father credit card.

10-You may invite people in your surrounding,ask them to promote by inviting their friends also.

11-Send Mass email to anonymous people using Facebook or Hotmail account.

12-Post creative article,usually post stories which have no ending answer,so people will give their suggestions and ultimately your Facebook fan page will become a better community.

13-Create a Facebook Event to get attention of large audience by giving poll,may give poll in yes or no

14-Hold a contest and declare a big prize for a winner,it will attract users of your page an also outsiders who will come to know about that,but don't be clever,you must give prize and upload picture of your ceremony to gain people confidence.

15-Play Game on Facebook,make friend their and send them your Facebook URL. Never post something that is self-promoting and never let other admins to use it wrongly to ruin common people lives and respects.

                                      All of these steps can't be done instantly pick a one each day for better results,but act upon each step fully,it will bring you a bunch of audience,Thanks


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