Best ways:Drive Traffic To Website:

Making anything from brand new requires a lot of planning and foresight,it does not matter whether it's a mobile application,a blog,software or other stuff.Creating Blog is nothing,but creating a well-known blog is everything.You are not going to purchase a house,sports car, a hotel by the revenue you get from blogger through adsense,but I must say you are going to fulfil your daily requirements to face society in which you live.

Drive traffic to website

 While Starting to get through these steps you must think that what kind of post should I post?What is more worthy?What is more valuable?In which profession Am I Best?Suppose if you are fond of coin-collecting then make your blog about coin collecting.Don't try to make a blog of blogging tips or tricks if you don't know the right way to explain or if you don't have knowledge which meets the criteria of blogging industry!You must manage your time schedule,decide about your blog content and start working for your blog.

Following points should be kept in mind while acting upon the instructions and tips for your brand new blog:-

1-Never try to pick all steps each day

2-Try picking each step each day for better results

3-Never get bored from blogger.

4-The more easy you take the better chance it become to gain more traffic.



1-Converting your all blog posts to PdF and then upload them to online data sharing websites like DoCStOC and ScRiBD.The more you upload to sharing data website,the better chance it become to gain more highly traffic.But leave a link back to your blog.So People may check your website aftering reading your PDF File.

2-Ezine Articles:

  Ezine article in another proven ways to bring mass visitors to your brand new blog for optimizing your blog on front page.All it need is one article,Post article about 500 words and leave a link within article.Article will take 1 week to go live,after getting reviewed you will see thousands of people coming to your website through ezine,ultimately optimizing your blog for better results.Google also take that blog to front page who has ability to gain and drive traffic from other websites.

3-Post Genuine Content:-

You must post genuine content with strong words and vocabulary.You may have noticed that blogger from America,England,Canada are most likely to get place in front page of Google,Because they have strong language,English is their Home Language,ther are native in English,That's why Google like them to show in front page of Google.On the other hand Asian Countries are less likely to get that rare opportunity because of less expert in that language.They may post in theri own home language.

4-Social Bookmarking:

  You may have heard about Social Bookmarking websites,if did not.then I am going to explain them in short.These are the websites which do not have any content of their own.Whether they are running their website by the content which other post on them.You may have noticed that websites like Reddit,Digg and StumbleUpon have nothing of their own,we are the one who post on them,as a result our blog and their website both become famous and popular without any kind of hard working. 
Submit your wel-known posts to Reddit,Stumble uPoN,DiGg.I recommend you to first use reddit because it drives thousands of people to your website while other generate few traffic.This can also drive traffic to website.

5-One Post Success:

  It is my self experience that only one famous post is required to take your blog to higher level.You should create something creative and attractive to drive attentions of audience.If you have thousands of posts,it drives nothing until you do not have the right title.But If you post a one post with unique title then you are going to be popular.If you only try to post one article different from the other's,that may help you.It can lead you to the blog which you always dreamed of.Try posting large article.Minimum 2500 words for best results or the size of this post.This can drive traffic to website.

6-Go For Search Engines:-

You should post your website to popular search Engines like Google,Yahoo,Bing and Baidu.These are the leading search engines Google is the most famous OR simply try using pingMyuRl to submit your website directly to more than 1600+ websites.
This steps includes your attention and it is very essential part of blog.It is as essential as food is essential for us.It very important.Devote your rare time in this step.

7-Create a Community:-
Create a comunity around you.Give importance to community as you give to your blog.Community give you long-term audience.Create a community on Facebook and Twitter.Held prizes each month and give prizes to winners.Be Funny,creative and interesting.Don't abuse anyone.Be frank and consultant.Be amazing.Don't put anything harassing and annoying that repels the crowd.

8-Syndicate Your Content:-

It is very important and easy to syndicate your content to a great number of networks.This really can boost your visibility and promote your blog to large number of people. Joint TRiBepRO to syndicate your content to various network for better chance of unique traffic.

9-Try Stucking Your Traffic:-

Try stucking your traffic by the content you post.Stucking does not mean that you have hacked your traffic by a software and they can not go out.It doesn't,if you really take this as.
Stucking means attracting,if your content is unique and rare.The client will stay searching your website for several hours.It is the main key to success of your blog.The more you engage,the better it is.It is considerable strategy to drive traffic to your site.

10-Be Consultant:-

  Be a adviser,consultant,funny and frank.Try explaining people with great examples,explaination,clear words,with vidoes and links to other website.Try keeping it short and clean.
                             Be simple to replies.Reply to each questions to your answers.Try making your self bio data on wikipedia so people may read about you on wiki.Keep your each post interesting,use number in post.For example if you are making a post about "how to drive traffic to your blog"?then title it as"65 ways to drive traffic to your blog"? it may increase the chance of more audience.

Following are some other strategies to drive traffic to your site.

11-Be Frank

12-Be Funny

13-Be Interesting

14-Be Amazing

15-Be General


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