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Sunday, April 28, 2013

YouTube Regulations - What Will Get Your Video Rejected?

Youtube is an online storage video website which is accepted by majority of people in the whole world.It is basic of revenue thousands of people earn dollars from this website because of his smooth features and true promises,we can even blind trust on them,because they never break their promises.

Here are some reason through which your video get rejected by Youtube:-

1-Copyright Content:-
                               Youtube does not allow any user,even it's featured user to upload copyright content because this is against their policies and they reject it suddenly and give you a strike that vanishes after 6 months and you are not able to earn revenue in these 6 months.Your whole setup destroys,so never upload a copyright content ,because youtube does not pay attented to our lame excuses.

2-Tv Or Movie Episode:-
                          They even not allow you to upload video which is captured by an tv or movie rather you can upload video related to this,You will first received blocked in some countries and after some days your will get a copyright strike which will remain in your account till 6 months.

3-Copyright Music:-
                    Some people own their video but due to lack of knowledge they also put background music from a movie song which is also copyright and as a result you receive a copyright strike and your video will be rejected.

                    They also reject videos which are related to pornography and is not under 18+ viewers only.

5-Abusive Content:-
                     They reject video if you use loose language and abusive style in your video,it does not matter what kind of video it is,they just reject your video and you can do nothing except crying over yourself.

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