Who Clicks on Banner Ads? Understanding Your Demographic

Adsense has a vast application in the industry of internet and helping mankind by providing reliable and trusted ads on their sites,the more they get clicks the more they earn,it all depends on your people traffic.Though, it is an mind-troubleness to findout that why their ads are not getting clicked.I will inform you about some steps and make sure that these steps have been done carefully and should be notice according to adsense terms and conditions which they apply on us.

Make sure this step:
 1- First go to your adsense account 

2-From there click on my ads,and see url channels,make sure that your blog or youtube url is listed there,if not.Then put url according to condition.

Put your eye on this:
 1-Go to your adsense earning in blogger and see whether you have clicked yes or no
Click yes show ads on my blog

2-Go to layour click on add new gadget and add at the most 3 adsense layouts

Make sure your adsense account:-

1-Go and check whether your adsense account is disabled or proved,it if is partially approved then don't put ads until it get fully approved by adsense team.

Post good content:-
You should put good and nice typed content that attracts the audience to your website,more the attention is,more you get the clicks by the users,

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