Satan as a Central Character of Paradise Lost

This is the chacter of Satan is one of the landmarks of Milton's literary career Satan has been given a prominent okace in Pradise Lost.The fiert speeches of Satan are just like blood in human body.Whether Satan is the hero of the Paradise lost or not it's a controversial problem.
                                                                           Book 1 is the dominated entirely of by Satan and his chracter is revealed to us in considerable detail.There can be no doubt that Milton has endowed Satan with certain attributes worthy of the epic heroes,But he has also highligthed the fact that Satan is a "personfication of evil".Anyhow,Satan is a character of heroic magnitude.
                                                                  Satan has been depicted as a central character posessing certain grand qualities wortyh of the highest admiration.In the words of Addison,
                   "Satan is the most heroic subject ever chosen far a peon ad the execution is as perfect as the design is lofty."

Physical definition of Satan: 

                                                 The very distinction of Satan's physical dimensions and the size of tools he carries mark him as a kind of hero.His limbs are long and large.His bulk is as huge as that of Titan who pought against joke or that of Leviathan which God of all his works created hugest that swim the ocean stream.He is also compared to the sea-monster,Leviathan.

                                   "Which god of all his works created hugest that swim 
                                        the ocean".

Comparison with historical heroes:

                                                Satan is the central figure of the epic or poem,Paradise Lost Satan is the main motivating force and the cause of conflict in this story.In this personality,Milton has gathered a large number of qualities which are associated with great personalities of fictional literature.
                         He is the brave and heroic like "Prometheus"
and sincere and powerful leader like "Napolean".He is the magnificent rebel like "Robin".

"Milton was of devil's party without knowing it".