How to make your computer work faster in windows 7?

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Hello every body welcome to this post,so today we are heading towards a topic that how to speed up your computer speed,your computer will be quite faster,reliable comfartable for use  if you concentrate and act upon the following remarkable instructions,which has been gained through many works and problems by our team.
                                                                                Let's get started with following instructions

1-First  go to your my computer properties .

  2-From here,click on "Advanced System Settings”

3-Now go advanced and click "settings" right below the performance.

4-Well,check Let's choose what's best for my computer
Make sure all of the boxes are unchecked and click apply

5-After that, again go to my computer

6-From there,choose "Local Disk C"

7-Now click on "Windows"
8-When you will enter Windows,you will be able to see many folders and sub-folders,to avoid confusion,simply type "t" and open temp 

9-Now,delete all the temporary files which you want to,Sometimes when you make a video using any video recorder like camstudio the saving location icon doesn't pop up and the video ultimately go into this folder "temp" you can also delete that,because it contributes a role in slowing down your computer speed as well as the life of your windows.

10-Click on start menu and type firewall and choose "windows firewall with advanced settings"

11-Make sure that your windows firewall is on,turning it to off might get involved your computer in viruses like Trojan horse and many internet spywares,you surf the web insecurely when your firewall is off,so I recommend you to on this.Sometime it blocks your some desired settings,at that case turn it off for few seconds until you make the required settings respectively

12-Click on start menu again and type "microsoft secuity essential" and open the microsoft security essential program,it has a vast application in preventing numerous kind of viruses from computer,it detects,warnes you and deletes the defected files which usually harms other files.
                                                                           Make sure that protection in turned "on" and give a full or quick scan to your computer.

13-Go to my computer and open the properties of any disk,go to tools and perform the indicated operations
Check disk:- 
                         It checks your computer for errors and bugs and clean it automatically,ultimately it results in incease in your computer speed.
                      Somefiles are too large,so they actually can't work properly and slows down your computer speed,when you go for defragment it divides it into subfolders by replacing your files automatically,it takes much time when it's your first check,but it takes less time after your very second check,I recommend you to check for defragment twice in a month

14-Delete all the unecessary and useless files from your computer by click on start menu and type "add or remove programs"

I hope you find this helpfull,thanks for being here