How to Come Up With an Appropriate Title For a Post?

Title is aprefix or suffix added to someone's name in certain context. They may signify either veneration,an official position or professional or academic qualification.
                                                                          So here we will discuss about importance,basic and vital role of titles for the post which make him very unique,rare and exclusive.Title is base through which audience reaches your post,if base is not regulate,the post will also be rejected by Google as well as other.It does not matter whether you are writing novel,essay and book title means a lot.

1-Write good but few:-
                               Titles may short but the ideology of the post must be unique,simple and clear.That readers when find something on search engine they ultimately come on your site, in a result great effect of audience and crowd at your blog or website.

2-Search for titles (if you are effortless) :-
                                                 If you are effortless and and wracking then searc for a good title according to your post on any search engine and select appropriate title.

3-Titles attract:-
                    Congenial and acceptable titles attract a large number of users surfing internet,even if they are not looking for your post,your title have a magnetic touch and pull people to your website.