How to be victorious with Google Adsense ?

How to become successful with google adsense which is employing millions of people around the whole world,it is google supported programme and have become very famous because of his true promises and trusted cheques.
                       How can we be victorious with google adsense account:-

1-Post genuine content:-
                              Always put genuine(which is not copyright) and good content on your website which you used to display your ads and earn money,your wordings are very important,more strong the content is,more the strong the audience is, website should atleast consist of 300 posts with higly recommended content.Website should be 2 years old for this purpose.

                      Location has a long effect on you by adsense,your location decides your earnings,if you are living in a country like United States America,England,Canada and other europian countries then your account is reliable and is not going to disapproved easily until you click on your own ads and break the laws,terms and conditions/

                 Upload tutorial videos which are more likely to get thousands of views and put your website link in the description,that means one shot and two people died and also associate your google adsense account with youtube and also earn money.

4-Beaware of Copyright content:-
                                              Never post copyright content(copyright means to copy some data from any other website and post it on your website) and never download other files and upload it to your youtube account,that will also result in bann.

5-Submit your website to directories:-
                                Post your website to different search engines and directories like google,,bing,yahoo and Baidu, it will get more audience to your website,ultimately your earning will increase.

6-Write often but good:-
                                            Post to your webite 3 times a week or 5 times,it may not be too long  or not that short than even audience can't und-rstand.I recommend you to attach pictures with your each post to increase the quality of your post.

7-Submit link to Digg and Reddit:-
                                     Submit your posts to different websites like Digg and Reddit.They enhance your post audience and also make him smooth and reliable,ultimately your post come on the front page of google which helps to drive more traffic like hell.

8-Write controversial stories:
                                    Post something that make your audience to comment and check your website often.

9-Incredible Title:
                       Use titles which are used by majority,the title is base,if base is strong then everything will go good and your website will get smooth views and subscribers.

10-Submit your website to Docstoc:-
                                             Docstoc plays a good role in makeing your website really good and most viewed,ultimately viewers see your post and also click on your ads.

10 steps to be victorious with Google Adsense..!


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