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Sunday, April 28, 2013

How Make Loads Of Money Using Youtube?

Youtube is an online storage video device programm which let users to upload infinitive videos of any kind if they own it.As we know that Youtube is 3rd ranking site in Alexa and bussiness website,as a resuly it has many rules and regulations which are mentioned on youtube briefly with examples and lots of explaination.If you break rules then you are ultimately banned and they don't see your any lame excuses because it has a vast application and they do not have much time to see such stupid appeals and applications for them,they just reject it and move forward that's why they are so successfull in all over the world.The main aim of this post is to descrube the ways to make loads of money using youtube which are quite easy for them which are earning and quite difficult for them which are looking for it,right? But do not take tension you are at the right place when you will leave this site you will be happy and must be thanking me,so here are some instruction on which even a blind can act upon:-

1-Create a youtube channel:-
                                    After you sign up for youtube,select a unique name for your youtube channel,choose something different according to your video which you may want to upload 
For example:-
                       For example if you have videos which are related to Football,then select your channel name according to to them,Something like FoOtBaLiVeVo ,which is unique and simple and easy to remind it when again using it.
                                                                   Choose good layouts and colour it with different styles and exclusive way which may attract people and they often look for your youtube channel.

2-Upload Rare Videos:-
                                 Upload vidoes by going into the upload section and select files from your computer,you can upload multiple files,Select good titles,descriptions and tags for your video which may suit the,in a result audiece will reach your video.A stage will reach when your monetization option will pop up,might even after 100 subscribers and 100000 views and your channel become rare and common among the people.
Beware of copyright content and pornography:-
                                                         Never upload a video with copyright license and is related to porn,youtube detect it at one and disabled your account at the 3rd strike (one strick takes 6 months to go) what is copyright? copyright means to download a video from a youtube and upload it again with your youtube account,you don't owe this and ultimately youtube gives you a strike which is not good for you as well as your youtube channel.

3-Sign Up For Yotube Partnership:-
                                                      A time will come,when you realize that your account is elligible and own criteria for sign up for youtube partnership, you will see this option at the end of the page,sign up for that and create a google adsense account using this process and if you own already then user your that account.

4-Link Your Adsense Account to Youtube:-
                                      Now link your account yo youtube,you will this here
Upload video at least 7 to 8 times a week and never loose criteria and use creative titles for your youtube vidoes,

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