Earthquake shocks in Pakistan and other countries 2013 overview

We are going to discuss about one of a inevitable dangerous of the nature,Earthquake shocks which were felt between 16 April 3:00pm to 4:00pm.
                                                       It has been recorded the second most dangerous shocks after devasting incident in 2005,which made rich people homeless and poor..

                       It has been felt in different regions and cities of Pakistan but it doesn't attack on it's most except the Province Balochistan, which is said to be where 1000 of homes drowned into the earth,but this news was keep secret because Government of Pakistan decided not to afraid people.

                                                               Some animals were died in Punjab.
Afterall,it didn't occur only in Pakistan yet it had a great effect on other countries as well including Indonesia,Saudi Arabia,India,Afghanistan,Iran and few other regions.

 IT has been estimated that nearly 100 people were died in Iran ,because of house falling on people.

In Pakistan it has also filmed on different programms and seminars,offices and at national talk.
It is said to be the warning of God which he gives people through this,it usually occurs where there is severe reduction on justice and has a vast application of sex.


 Many people in Balochistan died and some of them becomes orphans,Pakistan is taking further and important steps to fulfil the need of these left ones.
Shocking level was about 8.0,which is quite dangerous,it also took lives of many people.
Saudi Arabia:-
No lives gone,but just had a few shocks
Nearly 10 people were died
It also took lives of many people .