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Sunday, December 9, 2012

How to hack Jaden Smith Facebook?

Jaden Smith is pop singer,raper and great actor.He got famous from the character in a song named "Never say Never"as a raper and main hero in his film directed in China "Beijing" Karate Kid and become world-wide superstar.
                     His presence with the Justin Bieber made him very famous.
That is why we are here to hack his fb account,all this requires is a simple and a fast working browser google chrome,you are going to hack it with google chrome,otherwise you will not.
After singing in to Facebook account search jaden smith and open his profile
Now the next major step is to hack

Highlight the content you want to change and left click on your mouse and click in inspect element,
Now you better know what to do,delete,edit and customize the date with your will,no one is going to stop you..

Oh yes.!!Jaden Smith is hacked..,!! :P

Justin Bieber-Beauty and a beat ft.Nicki Minaj Review

Canadian Pop star and best raper Nicki Minaj join strength in his new song "Beauty and Beat" which was a song from his new album "Believe"
                                          This song was released on October,12 2012 get over 10 millions views in upcoming months and stands 6 video in Youtube monthly ranking.
Last month both of these celebrities showed up in a music award show and stunned millions of people by performing this song "American Award Show".
In this song they just had a chill with the great song lyrics.In the official video they just act as a boyfriend and girlfriend and sang a song by pointing each other,Justin Bieber was the main character and Nicki Minaj Was just a raper.
Both of them just did great..!!                                                     

Friday, December 7, 2012

How to make your post on front page of Google?

Welcome Buddy topic is about "how can we make our post on the front page of internet,I mean google who's been on number one ranking on Alexa for many years having billions of searchers producing original content for the welfare of human beings.
If you are looking for this,then you are on absolutely right place.
As we know that good and fabulous content makes a blog whether a website perfect and act as promotion agent for it,it is a sponteneous process :p

Well Google Usually make post which are truly and detailed shared by good ranking site with original date within it.
           The greater rank you have on alexa,the more top you are on google front page

Great example is wikipedia,it shares original with fully detailed content and becomes a big source of entertainment for all of us,that is the reason it is always on the first page of internet,google and every stage..!!

Thanks for reading..!

How to Create unlimited hotmail accounts?

Getting on to today's topic that how to create unlimited hotmails account or you can say infinite account for free.
    As Hotmail allows only specific amount of accounts each day,we can not create more than allowed hotmails account,People are facing difficulty,
If you are having the same problem then you are at the right place you are going to the right solution for your answer,
Actually Hotmail allows United States of America to create infinite/unlimited hotmail accounts,then we are gonna change our ip address to America.

First go this link and install it into your computer and run it,

Second after all you are having this privacy tools so Connect to Any city of America whose having their signals at strong level.
For example:-
                New York
 Now go to hotmail again and have fun signing up mass accounts with prohibited or being banned,

Thanks for visiting site :)