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Friday, November 30, 2012

Reaction of Al-Qaeda After the death of 0sama Bin Laden

Usama Bin laden was the founder and leader of the Group named "Al-Qaeda.He was died in 2011 in his Faisalabad house and was considered to be the man who only fought for fight.Full trained army man with the choppers were come to take him and killed him on the exact moment they saw him and take him with them.
He after death was thrown into Arabian Sea which infuriated the Al-Qaeda group and decided to avenge their leader death's and Threatened America that they didn't do well and will cry forever for what you have done to our leader.Many of People think that Usama Bin Laden is still alive,but the real fact is that he is died after that incident.
                         Then after that America and Pakistan signed to remove all the terrorism and terror supplier groups from Pakistan and America will help Pakistan By giving him modern weapons and by sending army force..~~

Assault Shootgun in Resident Evil 6 (Review and Features)

Assault Shootgun is extremely powerful gun occurs in Resident Evil 6.It is is found by Chris and Ada.In Chapter 2 Chris can find this gun if the gamer decide to go back where they were chased by Ogroman.
If you miss to take this gun then don't take tension it can be easily found in City Hall.
Whereas Ada can found this gun in Chapter 1

It is semi-auto gun and indeed having a great effect on the health of enemy if the shoot is taken from near,it has a vast effect in close range.But it has a small damage if the enemy is out of range or standing far from you.In this case you can use Assault Rifle,it will be better.It has 12-guage Shells and works automatic,it has an effective counter to mid-levels threat.In the Mercenaries it is considered and known as the most powerful gun.This gun is independent and reloaded automatically.Devastation on closer enemies and use where fast and quick shots are needed.

This gun also used by armies in the world of reality,this is the reason this gun is so named in Resident Evil 6.This is quick and fabulous gun,users get more fun using this gun to end this game.!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Frozen Hearth Game Review

 A frozen Hearth is a fascinating game released on November 29,2012 on Pc with an great story and creative thinking with a dark and and deep story indicating the features of this game.People play this game as a hero name as Bellicose  Danaan and jump right into the action.The Danaan  homeland is being threatened by the monsters ice demons who wants to change every single bit into ice,It is  CHILDREN based game For survival The People of Danaan thinks that the only way is to fight for the right.Using their forces,people and all the stuff they got.This game is split into 3 acts  with 18 varied missions,This game is also be played with the other People mutually.All of us can join this cooperatively multiplayer battles for fun and for saving Danaans Homeland..!!Frozen Hearth Screenshots 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Miner Wars 2081 Review and System Requirements

Miner Wars 2081 ImageCreative and Fabulous game developed by the company KEEN SOFTWARE HOSE A.S.
This game is set on 2081,exactly 10 years after the explosion of this universe into bit and pieces.This is a spacecraft game produced on the theory of another planet.
This is game was started building in the year 2002 and finally completed in 28 November 2012.This game is available on XBOX 360 as well as in PC.This game is based on single person story as well as multiplayer.

System requirements for this game on PC:-
Minimum Requirements                                    Maximum Requirements
Pentium 4 2.66 ghz                                                Core 2 duo E6600 6.4 Ghz
Sempron 2600 or more                                          Athlon 64*2 Dual Core 5400 or more
Geforce GT 120                                                    Gefore 880 GT
1 GB                                                                     2 GB
Windows Xp                                                         Windows XP
DX 9                                                                     DX 9
3 GB                                                                     3 GB

Monday, November 26, 2012

Elephant Killer (Review) in Resident Evil 6

Elephant killer is one of the best guns with magnum ammo's that occurs in Re6.In Edonia both Sherry and and Jake have this gun.It has massive effects on the enemies only one shot is quite enough for the simple zombies but it is expensive so,gamers reserve this gun and use at the time of big boxes that have a strong life.It targets are very strong and enemies face difficulty in dodging it.

If we compare this gun to other weapons such as .50 AE Counterpart,its damage significant is much higher its resolving power and magnification is fabulous.

You can also take an example from its name "as name suggests "Elephant Killer".Elephants are the biggest giant and cannot be killed by a single shots of rifle and shotgun.
So for defining it game producer name it as elephant killer that this is a powerful gun that even it can take down the giant elephant in no time..!!It has a slower reload and suffers from heavy recoil.It cannot be customizable because it is already upgraded to its maximum.

How to get infinite rocket launcher and Chicago Typewriter in Resident Evil 4?

In resident evil 4 infinite rocket launcher and Chicago Typewriter can be obtained by ending the game in easy mode.
The rockets in rocket launcher are infinite and have massive effect on the health of eneies.It is situated on the right shoulder of Leon's Kennedy and occupies 16 spaces in inventory (8*2) and indeed it looks very large but it is not in fact.We can purchase it from any merchant at 1,000,000 pesetas and if you resell it after purchasing then it will be sell for 500,000 PTAS.It is the second most powerful gun in RE4 and used against the major characters in the game to kill them easily in one or more then one shot's such as Salazar and Saddler.It is cool enough and cannot be upgraded.!!

This is considered to be most effective and fast gun with infinite ammo in RE4.It can be unlocked by different ways in Re4.You can open this gun by beating main game and it can be get from any nearest blue masked merchants.In this,it price is 1,000,000 pesetas.
The Chicago Typewriter take at least 21 spaces.
IT can also be obtained by ending Ada assignment.Ada assignment give you a advantage of price.It is cheaper if you purchase it after ending Ada Assignment,where it costs 300,000 pesetas.It has firing power approximately 10 and each bullet comes out after 0.10 seconds of time interval.It has unlimited magazine and effectively firing do 100.0 damage per seconds..!It cannot be upgraded because it is already in its full updated form. It has unlimited ammo's but it also reload the weapon

How to change shyness into confidence?

Today sharing some of the golden steps to live a life of your own by giving damn to every one.Confidence is one of the most important part of our body and self esteem.Self esteem is called confidence on your own.When you have ability to do something and you do it without hesitation and becoming afraid then you definitely have a good and high self esteem.You have confidence on your own and while doing some stuff you feel hesitates then it means that you have low and bad self esteem.
The most important and Basic Step is Confidence.If you have confidence then you can face every stage of life whether its easy or difficult as lifting 1000 grams of iron.When someone is doing something unexpected and crossing his circles according to his observers then the man has over-confidence..!!

Some of the Golden words by Golden Author ever :-
IF you want to do something big in your life,you must remember the shyness is only your mind.If you think shy you act shy.If you think confident you act confident.Therefore never let shyness conquer your mind

I want to open youtube in Pakistan

Discussed below topic is the source of opening youtube in pakistan when youtube is blocked?Youtube is blocked in Pakistan and many other countries related to Islamic religions have blocked youtube in their respective countries,and make promises to god that they will never open youtube until the government of USA removed the videos made on Our Holy Prophet.

Now the mostly asked questions by people are given below and their answers will also be given in this post

1-When is youtube gonna open in Pakistan and many other countires
2-I want to open youtube pakistan but how?
3-how to unblock youtube in pakistan when it is blocked
4-how to open youtube when it is closed
5-is there any way to open youtube in pakistan?
So the answer is yes,
                                  You are at the right place and gonna learn this mind freaking and bringing happiness trick from this page.
                        First open google and search Islam and see what Islam teaches us and why we are doing ?This is not the right way,this is not the right path we have chosen.!!This is not  what our Holy Prophet taught us.Holy Prophet shows us the right path and tells us what will happen to us if we turn to the darkest and wrong place,and yes we all are on the wrong place who have searched on google to open youtube,Please be the True Muslim which our Allah always wanted us to be,doesn't matter how greater the youtube was the source of revenue and happiness to us,this is time to proove our selves...!!

How to get P.R.L 412 in Resident Evil 4?

This weapon is one of the rare gun in Re4,people faces enormous difficulties in unblocking/opening this gun.Because of its higher effects and features it is considered to be the one of the best guns in re4 series.So,Lets gonna talk about that how to get this gun,what is the most easiest and quickest way to get this gun.
This trick works on every console..
First it was only on ps2 but later it appeared in PC and Wii.

You can get this gun by ending up the game in professional level,although professional level is difficult enough.So you must end the game in easy mode first and get the two dangerous and infinite weapons named "Rocket Launcher and Chicago Typewriter".
You will face no difficulty while having these two weapons in your briefcase :)
An uncharged shot of this gun will affect in blinding the Zombie for few seconds but can finish the ending monster Saddler.
                          An Charged or fully powered shot of this can kill every monster,doesn't matter how big and how stronger your enemy is..!
This gun can accommodate 3×7 space in your weapon briefcase.It is free of cost and you can buy it from any nearest merchant from zero dollars..!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

How To Kill Salazar in Resident Evil 4?

This Question was asked by many of youngster while trying to ending the most adventure,fabulous,excellent and indeed some kinda horror game.This game has thousands of features and great story.So,as we know that Salazar is the second main character in this game,so we face difficulty while killing him.But don't worry you are at the right place and you are gonna learn about killing him..!!
                                                                   First Entering the room you will see blue fire indicating the presence of merchant.Go to him and purchase only one Rocket Launher and a Aid Spray If you feel necessary,if you don't have money then sell some spinels and other stuff you got.After purchasing enter the room and star firing on him with the shot gun or Rifle,don't use any other low quality gun.Only these two guns have a great affect on him.The time will come when a video will play and his shield will be open now quickly open your suit case and equip rocket launcher,zoom it and target directly on his heart and you will got him/kill him..!!
Some Things to remember:-
                                             When Salazar shield will be open there is less time to launch rocket launcher so be quick and fast as possible.!!
Thanks for reading
.This is the best way to kill Salazar and I hope you got me..!!

Why Justin Bieber is inspired by Micheal Jackon?

Justin Drew Bieber is an 18 aged singer,He was born  on March 1,1994 in Stratford,Ontario.He is song-writer,producer,musician and great

actor.He is known to be as a great and most liked singer in all time history of songs.

His Sign is given below:--
                                             Signature de Justin Bieber                                                                                        
Now the question rises that why justin bieber is inspired by the great singer Micheal Jackson,What was the reason behind that??
                           So according to my search and knowledge  Justin Bieber and Micheal Jackson history was alike..!!Like,Justin Bieber was so poor before he became famous and Micheal Jackson was also so poor before he gets world-wide fame..!!
Justin Bieber viewed his concerts of 80's and 90's and get inspired because he was a great performer and awesome dance who can stun about millions of people crying for him..!!
Justin Bieber worked more and more hard to become like Micheal Jackson and today as we all know that his hard working bore a fruit to him and he is known as the greatest singer in all time of history and we all love him so much <3..!!

How to hack Selena Gomez Youtube Channel?

 Hey guys today we are gonna talk about  that how to hack selena gomez youtube channel,account or profile.!Whatever you want to hack you just have to act upon my advises carefully,as we all know that Selena Gomez is super legend performer who can stun millions of people in a single concert,she  really got some skills through which she is a fabulous and excellent singer and cute or sexyegirl,and she loves the guy named "Justin Bieber" and they are planning to be get married..!!
                                                                 So it was just a clean and simple history and our main concern was to hack superstar and famous celebrity Selena Gomez..!!

Start Hacking:-
                        First get a famous and most used web browser known as google chrome,install it to your computer and start using it,
                                          Second Step, Open up youtube and Type Selena Gomez on Youtube and open up his youtube channel,the original one which you are wondering to hack for many years.doing the above steps consider these main steps given below:-
Highlight the date you want to change and convert it into your own wording :)
 Here the word google is highlighted
As you see by clicking on left button mouse a list has been opened
save image as
copy image url
open image in new tab
inspect element

So our main concern is to inspect element
Click on inspect element

And a new window will be opened as in the picture so change the words which you were always desired to be,

Another Example if you don't understand the above procedure:-
Go to Selena Gomez Youtube and highlight(when you are copying any words you first highlight it)
Now left click on your mouse and open inspect element
By clicking inspect element you will see another window
double click on the words you want to change and add your own words..!!
Thanks for giving your rare time to us..!!Thanks :)

Financial Crises due to a breakdown of transparency

Transparency is another important aspect of good governance.Governments have access to a vast amount of important information.Dissemination of this information through transparency and open information systems can provide specific information that firms and individuals need to have to be able to make good decisions.

                                                     The financial crisis was a case study of the breakdown of transparency at many levels.Take For Example,AIG and its "small" derivatives unit,headed by Joe Cassano.This unit was conveniently classified and located in London so to ensure particularly lax oversight over the dubious accounting and disclosure particles evidently abetted by its chief.This insurance behemoth came to its he downfall because its leadership had made some very risky bets,hid them from regulatory oversight,and moved the risky business abroad.
                                                  Capital markets depend upon information openness and transparency but the nature of these complex derivative products made it difficult for most people to understand,much less regulate.The collapse of the giant investment banks and the financial system are due to the lack of transparency surrounding these products and the loss confidence in the counter parties involved.As a result,investors panicked,causing the markets to tumble..!!

The Failure of Good Governance:How it led to financial crisis?

The concept of good governance has typically been used in development economics as a way to describe the system of aid-recipient countries,-developing economies.The recent economic crisis has brought this concept into light in developed economies where governance,both public and private,has been assumed to be sound.Euphemistically put,the unfolding of recent events has proven that this is not always true.

Government create the conditions for the functioning of markets,operation of private firms,strength of civil society,and welfare of communities and individuals.System of governance affect the performance of the state in executing its core functions and through this performance of countries in meeting their major economic a social goals,In the private sector,the same concept applies-firms,leadership enables that functioning of various departments and is responsible for the welfare of the firm's employees.A firm's leadership also largely determines the firm's performance and its ability to meet its goals.

                                                                                 In recent months,developed economies around the world experienced and unprecedented shock-credit markets froze up,equity markets tumbled to record lows and major banks failed and whole countries were on the brink of default.While the crisis cannot be blamed on one single entity because it came about as a result of greed and complacency of consumers,investors and businesses alike,it is widely argued that the lack of good governance at the public and private levels led to this meltdown.!!

Sciences and their Subjects of study

Acarology, the study of ticks and mites

Actinobiology,the study of effects of radiation upon living organisms

Actinology,the study of the effect of light on chemicals

Aerobiology,a branch of biology that studies organic particles,such as bacteria,fungal spores,very small insects,and pollen,which are passively transported by the air

Aerology,the study of atmosphere

Aetiology,the medical stud of the causation of disease

Agnoiology,the stdduy o things of which are by nature ignorant,or of things which cannot be known.

Agrobiology,the study of plant nutrition and growth in relation to soil conditions.

Agrology Canada,the art of science of agriculture

Non-Canada,the study of soils

Agrostology,the study of grasses

Algology,the study of algae

Allergology,the study of the causes and treatment of allergies;a branch of medicine

Andrology,the study of the male health and disease

Anesthesiology,the study of anesthesia and anesthetics;a branch of medicine


Bacteriology,The study of bacteria

Balneology,the scientific study of baths,bathing and of their application to disease

Bioclimatology,the study of the effects of climate of living organisms

 Biogeomorphology or ecogeomorphology,the study of interactions between organisms and germorphology processes

Biology,the study of life


Camponology,the study and art of bell ringing

Cardiology,the study of the heart

Cariology,the study of cells

Cereology,the study of crop circles

Cetology,the study of cetaceans-whales,dolophins and porpoise

Deltiology,the study of,but more often the collecting of picture postcards

Dermonology,the study of demons

Dipterology,the study of flies

Ecology,the study of interrelationships between living organisms and their environment.Sometimes spelled "ecology"

 Felinology,study of cats

Fetoology,the study of the fetus,especially when within the uterus.

Fungology,Fungus,see mycology

Garbology,  study of refuse and trash

Gynaecology,the study of medicine relating to women,or of women in general

Hypnology,the study of sleep

Islamology,the study of isam

Japanology,the study of Japanese People

Karyology,the study of karyotypes (a branch of cytology)

 Lymphology,the study of lymph and glands

 Malacology,the study of mollusks

Numerology,the study of numbers

Oceanology,the study of oceans

 Phycology,the study algae

Radiology,the study of rays,usually ionsing radiation

Synecology,the study of the ecological interrelationships among communities of organisms

Taxology,a synonym of taxonomy


Urology, the study and treatment of diseases of the urogential tract,a branch of medicine


Volcanology,the study of valcanoes and related

Xylology,the study of wood

Zymology,the study of fermentation

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Great General in history of Islam

1-Hazrat Ali (May Allah be pleased with me)

2-Hazrat Amir Hamza (may Allah be pleased with him)

3-Hazrat Sa'ad Bin Abi Waqas (May Allah be pleased with him)

4-Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed (May Allah be please with him

5-Musa Bin Nusair

6-Hazrat Abu Obadia (May Allah be pleased with him)

7-Hazrat Umar Bin al-Asss (May Allah be pleased with him)

8-Tariq Bin Zayad

9-Muhammad Bin Qasim

10-Salah-ud-din Ayub

11-Mahmood Ghaznavi

Some Islamic Sacred Places

             Ka'abh is the house of is situated in Makkah,a city of "Saudi Arabia".Ka'abh is the Qibla of the Muslims.Qibla is the direction that must be faced during Salat.To complete seven round starts and ends by kissing the black stones..!!
                Mina is a place about 4 miles away from Makkah.Pilgrims stay here on way to Arafat and on return from Arafat.There are three places in Mina where the pilgrims throw pebble at the devils during Hajj on the 10th,11th,12th and 13th of Zil-Hajj.The act of Pilgrims is called Jamarat.The pilgrims sacrifice animals at Mina.

                  Arafat is a plain about 10 miles away Makkah.It is obligatory for the pilgrims to stay in the plain on the 9th of Zul-Hajj till the sunset.If a pilgrim fails to reach here then he spoils the Hajj..!!

                        There are two hillocks at Makkah between which the pilgrims run while performing the Haj or Umrah.The act of seven running between two hillocks Safa and Marwa during Hajj is called Sa-iee..!!

                       Muzdalifa is a place about six miles away from Makkah.The pilgrims stay here on the night of 9th Zil-Hajj on their way from the plain of Arafat to Mina.The Pilgrims perform here Maghrib and Isha prayers at the time of Isha.

            It is a cave six miles away from Makkah.The First revelation,the beginning of the Holy Quran from Allah to his last prophet, (SAW)was started here..!!

              It is a cave two three miles away from Makkah.Muhammad (SAW) and Abu Bakr (RA) stayed here three days and three nights during migration from Makkah to Madina.

                               It is a famous mosque at Jerusalem.It was the first Qibla of the Muslims.It is the third holiest mosque after the Masjid-al-hurm at Makkah and Masjid-ul-Nabvi at Madina..

9-Qab'a Mosque:
It is the first mosque of Islam.It is the first mosque where Muhammad (SAW) openly led the regular prayer congregation of his companions.It is situated three miles away from Madina