How to make your post on front page of Google?

Welcome Buddy topic is about "how can we make our post on the front page of internet,I mean google who's been on number one ranking on Alexa for many years having billions of searchers producing original content for the welfare of human beings.
If you are looking for this,then you are on absolutely right place.
As we know that good and fabulous content makes a blog whether a website perfect and act as promotion agent for it,it is a sponteneous process :p

Well Google Usually make post which are truly and detailed shared by good ranking site with original date within it.
           The greater rank you have on alexa,the more top you are on google front page

Great example is wikipedia,it shares original with fully detailed content and becomes a big source of entertainment for all of us,that is the reason it is always on the first page of internet,google and every stage..!!

Thanks for reading..!