Why Justin Bieber is inspired by Micheal Jackon?

Justin Drew Bieber is an 18 aged singer,He was born  on March 1,1994 in Stratford,Ontario.He is song-writer,producer,musician and great

actor.He is known to be as a great and most liked singer in all time history of songs.

His Sign is given below:--
                                             Signature de Justin Bieber                                                                                        
Now the question rises that why justin bieber is inspired by the great singer Micheal Jackson,What was the reason behind that??
                           So according to my search and knowledge  Justin Bieber and Micheal Jackson history was alike..!!Like,Justin Bieber was so poor before he became famous and Micheal Jackson was also so poor before he gets world-wide fame..!!
Justin Bieber viewed his concerts of 80's and 90's and get inspired because he was a great performer and awesome dance who can stun about millions of people crying for him..!!
Justin Bieber worked more and more hard to become like Micheal Jackson and today as we all know that his hard working bore a fruit to him and he is known as the greatest singer in all time of history and we all love him so much <3..!!