What are the Beneits of tongue twisters?

Heartily welcome everybody who joins us to know that "what are the benefits of tongue twister's?why they are spoken quickly?So you are at the right place.Tongue Twister's are usually spoken rapidly and as quick as possible,but no one knows the right and true concept of it.Is it all about fun,for laughing.No,This is not true if you were thinking that then you were absolutely and always wrong..!!
First I am giving you some Tongue Twisters then I will tell you the benefits,
1-  Peter pick up three oranges from deep peaker
2-You talk,I talk,We all talk
3-Rubber baby buggy buppers
4-Crying children crying until he sleeps
5-Mixed biscuits,Mixed Biscuits

The main and the most considerable benefits:-
English is known as a difficult language in many regions of the world and there's gonna be some sentence or words which people are unable to speak correctly and their tongue slips.So speaking hard and difficult tongue twisters quickly able them to speak that words correctly and fastly..

And Some Children also repeat it again and again for some kinda fun and enjoying..!!