Reaction of Al-Qaeda After the death of 0sama Bin Laden

Usama Bin laden was the founder and leader of the Group named "Al-Qaeda.He was died in 2011 in his Faisalabad house and was considered to be the man who only fought for fight.Full trained army man with the choppers were come to take him and killed him on the exact moment they saw him and take him with them.
He after death was thrown into Arabian Sea which infuriated the Al-Qaeda group and decided to avenge their leader death's and Threatened America that they didn't do well and will cry forever for what you have done to our leader.Many of People think that Usama Bin Laden is still alive,but the real fact is that he is died after that incident.
                         Then after that America and Pakistan signed to remove all the terrorism and terror supplier groups from Pakistan and America will help Pakistan By giving him modern weapons and by sending army force..~~