Miner Wars 2081 Review and System Requirements

Miner Wars 2081 ImageCreative and Fabulous game developed by the company KEEN SOFTWARE HOSE A.S.
This game is set on 2081,exactly 10 years after the explosion of this universe into bit and pieces.This is a spacecraft game produced on the theory of another planet.
This is game was started building in the year 2002 and finally completed in 28 November 2012.This game is available on XBOX 360 as well as in PC.This game is based on single person story as well as multiplayer.

System requirements for this game on PC:-
Minimum Requirements                                    Maximum Requirements
Pentium 4 2.66 ghz                                                Core 2 duo E6600 6.4 Ghz
Sempron 2600 or more                                          Athlon 64*2 Dual Core 5400 or more
Geforce GT 120                                                    Gefore 880 GT
1 GB                                                                     2 GB
Windows Xp                                                         Windows XP
DX 9                                                                     DX 9
3 GB                                                                     3 GB


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