I want to open youtube in Pakistan

Discussed below topic is the source of opening youtube in pakistan when youtube is blocked?Youtube is blocked in Pakistan and many other countries related to Islamic religions have blocked youtube in their respective countries,and make promises to god that they will never open youtube until the government of USA removed the videos made on Our Holy Prophet.

Now the mostly asked questions by people are given below and their answers will also be given in this post

1-When is youtube gonna open in Pakistan and many other countires
2-I want to open youtube pakistan but how?
3-how to unblock youtube in pakistan when it is blocked
4-how to open youtube when it is closed
5-is there any way to open youtube in pakistan?
So the answer is yes,
                                  You are at the right place and gonna learn this mind freaking and bringing happiness trick from this page.
                        First open google and search Islam and see what Islam teaches us and why we are doing ?This is not the right way,this is not the right path we have chosen.!!This is not  what our Holy Prophet taught us.Holy Prophet shows us the right path and tells us what will happen to us if we turn to the darkest and wrong place,and yes we all are on the wrong place who have searched on google to open youtube,Please be the True Muslim which our Allah always wanted us to be,doesn't matter how greater the youtube was the source of revenue and happiness to us,this is time to proove our selves...!!