How to change shyness into confidence?

Today sharing some of the golden steps to live a life of your own by giving damn to every one.Confidence is one of the most important part of our body and self esteem.Self esteem is called confidence on your own.When you have ability to do something and you do it without hesitation and becoming afraid then you definitely have a good and high self esteem.You have confidence on your own and while doing some stuff you feel hesitates then it means that you have low and bad self esteem.
The most important and Basic Step is Confidence.If you have confidence then you can face every stage of life whether its easy or difficult as lifting 1000 grams of iron.When someone is doing something unexpected and crossing his circles according to his observers then the man has over-confidence..!!

Some of the Golden words by Golden Author ever :-
IF you want to do something big in your life,you must remember the shyness is only your mind.If you think shy you act shy.If you think confident you act confident.Therefore never let shyness conquer your mind


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