How To Kill Salazar in Resident Evil 4?

This Question was asked by many of youngster while trying to ending the most adventure,fabulous,excellent and indeed some kinda horror game.This game has thousands of features and great story.So,as we know that Salazar is the second main character in this game,so we face difficulty while killing him.But don't worry you are at the right place and you are gonna learn about killing him..!!
                                                                   First Entering the room you will see blue fire indicating the presence of merchant.Go to him and purchase only one Rocket Launher and a Aid Spray If you feel necessary,if you don't have money then sell some spinels and other stuff you got.After purchasing enter the room and star firing on him with the shot gun or Rifle,don't use any other low quality gun.Only these two guns have a great affect on him.The time will come when a video will play and his shield will be open now quickly open your suit case and equip rocket launcher,zoom it and target directly on his heart and you will got him/kill him..!!
Some Things to remember:-
                                             When Salazar shield will be open there is less time to launch rocket launcher so be quick and fast as possible.!!
Thanks for reading
.This is the best way to kill Salazar and I hope you got me..!!