How to hack Selena Gomez Youtube Channel?

 Hey guys today we are gonna talk about  that how to hack selena gomez youtube channel,account or profile.!Whatever you want to hack you just have to act upon my advises carefully,as we all know that Selena Gomez is super legend performer who can stun millions of people in a single concert,she  really got some skills through which she is a fabulous and excellent singer and cute or sexyegirl,and she loves the guy named "Justin Bieber" and they are planning to be get married..!!
                                                                 So it was just a clean and simple history and our main concern was to hack superstar and famous celebrity Selena Gomez..!!

Start Hacking:-
                        First get a famous and most used web browser known as google chrome,install it to your computer and start using it,
                                          Second Step, Open up youtube and Type Selena Gomez on Youtube and open up his youtube channel,the original one which you are wondering to hack for many years.doing the above steps consider these main steps given below:-
Highlight the date you want to change and convert it into your own wording :)
 Here the word google is highlighted
As you see by clicking on left button mouse a list has been opened
save image as
copy image url
open image in new tab
inspect element

So our main concern is to inspect element
Click on inspect element

And a new window will be opened as in the picture so change the words which you were always desired to be,

Another Example if you don't understand the above procedure:-
Go to Selena Gomez Youtube and highlight(when you are copying any words you first highlight it)
Now left click on your mouse and open inspect element
By clicking inspect element you will see another window
double click on the words you want to change and add your own words..!!
Thanks for giving your rare time to us..!!Thanks :)