How to get infinite rocket launcher and Chicago Typewriter in Resident Evil 4?

In resident evil 4 infinite rocket launcher and Chicago Typewriter can be obtained by ending the game in easy mode.
The rockets in rocket launcher are infinite and have massive effect on the health of eneies.It is situated on the right shoulder of Leon's Kennedy and occupies 16 spaces in inventory (8*2) and indeed it looks very large but it is not in fact.We can purchase it from any merchant at 1,000,000 pesetas and if you resell it after purchasing then it will be sell for 500,000 PTAS.It is the second most powerful gun in RE4 and used against the major characters in the game to kill them easily in one or more then one shot's such as Salazar and Saddler.It is cool enough and cannot be upgraded.!!

This is considered to be most effective and fast gun with infinite ammo in RE4.It can be unlocked by different ways in Re4.You can open this gun by beating main game and it can be get from any nearest blue masked merchants.In this,it price is 1,000,000 pesetas.
The Chicago Typewriter take at least 21 spaces.
IT can also be obtained by ending Ada assignment.Ada assignment give you a advantage of price.It is cheaper if you purchase it after ending Ada Assignment,where it costs 300,000 pesetas.It has firing power approximately 10 and each bullet comes out after 0.10 seconds of time interval.It has unlimited magazine and effectively firing do 100.0 damage per seconds..!It cannot be upgraded because it is already in its full updated form. It has unlimited ammo's but it also reload the weapon